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A Camping Weekend at the Redgranite Hunting Land

When I get in that travel mode I can't stop. This weekend brought us to my family's hunting land. We had plans to meet my parents around dinnertime. When in Wisconsin we have to get a fish fry. We picked up food from Silvercryst in nearby Wautoma. We're still not dining in even nearly six months into Covid. Call ahead, get your fish fry and take it to your destination. Especially that the greater Fox Valley area is now the the nation's worst hotspot. After dinner the kiddos tried some fishing. Great-grandpa did a good job of stocking this partially man-made pond. Check out our private oasis.

Iron Range Camping for Work and Fun

Scott had more shoots this weekend. This time it took us way up north. With Meadow back in school we left Friday afternoon.  Luckily Meadow's teacher canceled their afternoon meeting and we were able to leave earlier than we planned. To break up the long drive we camped for the night at Mille Lacs Kathio State Park . We booked the last site, I can't believe people are still camping. When we were setting up our tent Meadow said, "Why are other people so close to us?" We don't go to normal campgrounds very often I guess.  We set up early and went on a hike before dinner. We should have brought our canoe along, but a hike would do.

Apple Picking and Minnesota River Valley Bike Ride

I had taken the kids to the farmers market yesterday and Meadow wanted apples. I was like, hey it's apple picking season why don't we get our own? Scott had more shoots south of the Cities so we tagged along again. The jobs are small, shooting a big chain of paint stores, so we're able to get them out of the way and have some fun. I chose Whistling Well Farm as they had apple picking only. We aren't big fans of the carnival parts of apple farms. It wasn't too busy and everyone was wearing masks. They also had hand washing stations set up around the farm. Luckily the trees were small and perfect height for the kids to pick themselves. For $25 we got to pick one peck of Honeycrisp apples. Quite a deal! Theo got the hang of twisting the apples off the trees after a little practice. I always think we're done, but they always add more apples to our bag until it nearly explodes. We filled our bag up quick. I forget how much faster it goes compared to berry picking. 

Labor Day is Oh So Great at the Cottage. Even This Year.

We planned on skipping the cottage for Labor Day thinking a lot of people would be up. Turns out that wasn't the case. We decided to spend our first day going on a bike ride. We each towed a kiddo behind us.  Pulling a bike trailer on a single speed gets to you after a while. Scott wanted to keep going down Sheltered Valley Road. We joked we should add Theo's trailer to Meadow's tag-along. It actually worked and wasn't half bad.