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Honeymoon: Back to the Cottage

Day 11 We decided to turn the second half of our honeymoon into a relaxing time at my parents cottage in northern Wisconsin. It was weird sleeping in the cottage after being in a small tent for a week. My dad called to see if we made it in okay and I mentioned it felt too open and civilized being back at the cottage. He said, "Why don't you pitch a tent out back then?" I was OK with the bed. I slept like a baby. Who knew we had this many shoes with us? Immediately when I woke up I did laundry and cleaned out our car. After setting up camp so many times we started shoving things back in without putting them away. I wanted to get everything back in their right place.  Scott picked on me for working instead of relaxing. Later I found him reorganizing a cupboard. There was no order to there canned food. Why would you have soup in line with canned mushrooms? We enjoyed pancakes for breakfast. I know Scott was getting sick of oatmeal.  We

Honeymoon: Marquette means Beer and Beaches

 Scottie did have a vision for beer so to Marquette we went.  

Honeymoon: You Say Quinoa, I Say Keweenaw

We didn't find any copper so we moved onto our next destination.  Our tour guide said that there was still about half the deposit left. You'd have to be a daredevil-diving-mine spelunker to get anything out. Everything below the floor we were in is flooded. Scott was excited to check out the town of Calumet. We parked downtown and paid 5 cents to park for an hour. Deal of the Century! The entitre downtown is a national historic park. It was the copper capital of the world, but has seen better days. The fire station is connected to the Calumet Theatre . I wish we would've went inside. After a little while we walked on back to our car to head on north.  On the way out I saw this old man sitting on this stoop. He made me wonder what the difference between a beautiful, but derelict small town like Calumet and say Detroit. You couldn't imagine the NPS declaring Detroit a national park, could you? I had read about how th