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Theo's Birthday, Sushi, Ice Skating and Breweries

Our little dude turned two.

Theo @ 2 Years

Little Theodore has got his own personality. He lets you know what he wants and when he doesn't like something. Our little peanut is 34" tall and weighs 24 lbs. He loves being outside, playing in his kitchen, helping us cook, building with magnatiles (Picasso Tiles) and Mama. I think he also loves papa. His favorite book is Pete the Cat and he loves everything Meadow likes. Pink, sparkles and nail polish. He'll still eat anything we feed him, but he loves fruit. He's great at communicating despite only being able to say a few words like baby, mama, papa, hi. He's a late sleeper like Meadow. We're very lucky. No, Theo you're not quite ten, yet. Since Theo still can't talk yet, here are his answers by Meadow How old is Theo?  2 What is his favorite color?  Blue What is his favorite animal?  Birds. When Theo was in Mexico City he was pointing to a lot of birds What is his favorite book? Mommy Hugs What is his favo

Library and Hair Dye

As usual, Meadow requested big pancake for breakfast. Soon it will be Theo making the requests. For now it's just an affirmative, "Yay!" The best breakfast. We didn't really have plans today except to go to the library. Meadow dressed up for the occasion. Meadow's doing a biography on Maria Sharapova at school. The downtown library was the only one that had a kids book about her. This kiddo doesn't get to the library as much as his sister used to. We hadn't been to the library in awhile so Meadow stocked up. More dress up shenanigans at home. She also got to try the Oculus Go VR headset I got to show my virtual tours  at an upcoming conference. We didn't do much the rest of the day. Theo did manage to detune the guitar a few times. We ended the night with Meadow and I dying our hair magenta.

Mexico 2020 - CDMX - Coyoacán

After our bus ride and a long cab ride we made it to our third and final airbnb in Coyoacan. Well, just across the highway from Coyoacan .

Mexico 2020 - Guanajuato

While planning our Mexico trip Scott discovered a city "nearby" that he said looked cool. He originally told me it was like an hour away.  I think I said a few hours away, but maybe. Except when we got our bus tickets it was actually 6 hours.  Sometimes you need to take a journey for a good adventure. Or something. We picked up this model bus for Theo at the bus station. Also he's claimed the Frida backpack.

Mexico 2020 - CDMX - Hipódromo

Day 1 After saving up for a few years we were finally ready to take a real family vacation. Our original plan was to rent a camper van in San Diego and drive down into Baja California. When we couldn't find any rental places that allow you to cross the border we decided on Mexico City.