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Halloweenies Come to Visit

Meadow's cousins came for a visit except Harvey; that is he was home sick with croup. Only two Halloweenies this time. This year for Halloween we decided to dress up together. I borrowed most of my outfit from Meadow and made Scott's costume. We were the Justice League. We originally wanted to be Teen Titans, but this worked out better. I was expecting Marina to skip the costume and dress up as Meadow or something. I wanted to check out the Anoka Halloween parade this year. We followed the crowd to the parade route. It's pretty famous in these parts. Marina's costume was from Brittany and Jeff's wedding. There weren't any curb spots left so we found a spot on someones driveway. The owners were sitting on their porch and brought over a chair for me. I guess Theo looks heavy. I overheard someone mention we were at the end of the parade route. That means we caught the end of the 5K. Batgirl was sup