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And Another Northwoods NYE | 2019

Rain and snow were  coming our way so we left Michigan right after waking and drove straight to the cottage. About a half hour from Three Lakes it started raining. When we turned into the road towards the cottage it got icy. We made it just in time.

We thought we'd be the last ones arriving at the cottage, but we ended up heating up the place once again.

The snow was too high on the driveway to drive in. We had to wait for my parents to arrive to unload our car.

Theo was missing his socks and shoes in the car, which was down the unplowed driveway. It wasn't worth going back, so I put his gloves on his feet.

It did the job.

Once my parents and Brittany arrived the kids got to open Christmas gifts from Chelsea.

Meadow got a princess cookbook, a snowman light up toy, Guess Who board game and nail polish.

Theo got his favorite, more play food to cut up.

Thanks for the presents Chelsea.

Hoo boy. Meadow's gonna love having this at home.

She had a lot of fun playing it on one our brewery daytrips.

For breakfast the next morning Brittany made eggs and ham wrapped in a croissant dough.

This was good.

It was raining since we had arrived the night before. The rain was instantly freezing to everything including the antenna and the TV couldn't hold a signal. Mr. Mike and I struggled to watch the Packers game. Despite headaches we made it through the game and they won!

We were waiting all day for Blake to show up so we could get our 2nd Christmas Tree. He was going to be late, so Marina, Brittany, Brooke, Mr. Mike and I took it upon ourselves.

It's getting trickier to find trees.

We could not find one small tree in the forest.

We found one that looked good on top.

I didn't quite approve of cutting down a tall tree to only use half of it, but it did look good.

Is a faux butter better for you if you use that much! I kid Gail...sort of.


Cottage Santa came, Cottage Santa came!

Marina handed out presents to everyone. Theo was starting to get the idea of how presents work.

Man, cottage Santa brings the goods.

Even Zissou got presents.

More play food for little buddy.

It was finally snowing and we had to get outside.

Since we built these ice blocks it's been too cold to make a snow fort. This year the snow was actually packable.

Brittany, Marina and Meadow had started it the day before, so everyone chipped in to help finish it. Well, I just took pictures honestly.

All the adult children had fun putting it together.

Oh yeah, Blake had brought Jasper along.

The kids and I went down to check out the snowy lake.

With the rain the last few days the lake was a giant slush puddle.

It was a bit slushy between the ice and the snow that had freshly fallen.

It was beautiful out and there was no other place we'd want to be.

By the time we got back up to the house the snow fort was looking pretty good.

Theo was trying to figure out what we were doing.

These guys were on a roll.

We could have spent all day on this, but this seemed high enough.

I love how the forest looks covered in snow.

While I brought Theo inside to nap, the big kids had made a snowman.

We were hoping to make a giant one, but the wet snow made it too heavy to roll.

We improvised with the face.

Blake had surprised us with the full collection of books by Sam Campbell and read them aloud to us. 

We got a snap-in middle seat for our canoe from Brooke's parents. Meadow and the kids thought it was fun to play on.

We had to return the movie we watched to the grocery store. It was a fun ride through the snow. Blake and Jasper were nice enough to come along.

With ice, a few more beers and another movie in tow, we headed back to the cottage.

I made spaghetti and meatballs for everyone. Well, I made spaghetti and cheeseballs for Blake and Jasper.

The next day Theo finally got to play in the completed snow fort.

A toddlers dream.

Blake shot off some daytime fireworks and the kids chased after the aliens and soldiers that came down.

Mr. Mike really needs a trail pass, but this year it wouldn't have mattered. Around bridges the lake wasn't frozen.

And the lakes were too slushy.

Theo finally agreed to go for a little sled ride.

Oh, oh. The alien got stuck in a tree.

Nothing that a big pole couldn't get out of the tree.

Blake told me i had to get outside to capture the sunset.

It looked beautiful. 

I suppose he wasn't wrong about that.

Sadly Brookie Cookie would miss going out for Northwoods NYE for the first time in 10 years.

I wasn't feeling well all day. I just didn't feel great enough to go out. I was super bummed about it. Jasper wasn't feeling well either. We stayed back and watched The Man with One Red Shoe. 

The first place we tried was closed and then the second place claimed it was an hour and a half wait.

We then happened upon Pub N Prime and sat down at the bar until our table was ready.

Meadow had got a Shirley Temple (or Kiddy Cocktail if you're from the Fox Valley).

Besides some good drinks they also had cheese spread and crackers. I love Wisconsin.

I had to run back to the car in the frigid weather to get Theo's diapers. Whoops.

There was a soup and salad bar included with the dinner.

The shrimp chowder was so good.

Theo agreed.

Fancy little boy had to hold his glass like that.

The supper club is known for its prime rib, but three of us got the ribs. Only wish I had gotten a full rack. The sauce and ribs were Kansas City-good.

The girls had chicken strips and fried cheese curds. They could order off the tiki bar next door's menu.

Instead of leaving we checked out the tiki bar.

But we never got to anything except the claw machine. 

Everyone's favorite game.

Theo was happy with the winnings. 

It would've been better with Brooke, but I'd go back here for NYE in the future.

Back at the house we watched the local news station ring in the New Year.

Hey cutie.

Of course we did the countdown down by the lake. Even Brooke made it outside. 

I couldn't miss the whole night. And the fresh air felt nice. 

Blake did his firework display off the snowman.

It was magical.

I live for Northwoods NYE.

The next day we mostly got ready to leave, but played on the lake for a bit.

Dang, this place is beautiful in winter.

It was actually windy enough to go kite flying.

Jasper shot some photos while I flew my drone before Blake and him left.

If we were thinking more clearly we would've taken off this whole week, but I supposed we'd already been gone for 11 days.

Santa had stopped by while we were gone.

Meadow had bought Theo a balancing game and chocolate candies with money she'd earned doing chores.

Theo got his crinkle cutter.

The smile on her face when she saw the tiny jewelry case was perfect.

She had originally asked for a Cinderella carriage jewelry box. But when writing to Santa she asked for an Elsa dress. She was still happy with the jewelry box.

The Elsa dress came a few days later. 


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