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Blake's Annual Visit

The kids requested waffles, which meant that I was making my go to oatmeal whole wheat variety using our Nordic Ware pans of course.

A stack of library books means it's library day.

Blake was in town for his annual Teamsters gathering.

We had to take him to our new favorite buffet, Q.Cumbers.

Salad buffet and Veganopolis. A match made in heaven.   

Blake needed to get comfortable after filling his belly.  

Blake's just a big kid when he's around Theo and Meadow. They adore him.

We told Blake he had to teach Theo how to ride a bike.

No dice.

I tried my hand at an Annika (our friend from New Mexico) breakfast but not sure what the issue is. My Finnish pancakes are never fully cooked in the center.

I don't get it. Think you need to get her recipe.

It was a nice day so a bike ride it is.

What could be more Minneapolis than a good bike ride?

We took the Blaisdell protected bikeway in front of our house to a quiet east-west route and hopped over to the Byrant even-more-protected bikeway. Gotta love biking in Minneapolis.

I love the Blaisdell two-way curb protected lanes, but Bryant is even nicer. 10/10 put this on every fourth block.

First stop was the new playground at Meadow's old school.

Meadow was disappointed that they'd replaced her playground form kindergarten to 3rd grade. I thought the old one was pretty nice. It seems that the richies splurged for an early upgrade since this became a neighborhood school.

I'm just impressed I can still get my legs up.

Sometimes I miss the old, not so far away, neighborhood.

We played along Minnehaha Creek before heading home.

And then did a lap around Lake Harriet.

It was a good day for a bike ride in Minneapolis. See you again next year Blake.


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