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A Northwoods Mother's Day

My mom had texted me last week asking if we wanted to go to the cottage for Mother's Day. Scott didn't have any work on Monday so we headed there for the weekend. I was able to get off work a little early so we didn't have to get there so late. 

Driving through Lindstrom Scott wanted to get donuts at the bakery.

We didn't have any cash so we settled on ice cream at the Cotton Candy Ice Cream Shop in Center City.

About 20 minutes before we got to the cottage Meadow threw up all her milk. Soaking herself and her carseat.

She never threw up like this before. It was kind of scary. She kept asking for milk. I guess I should've known better.

While in New Orleans we had to get my mom a magnet for her collection. Blake picked this one out and she loved it.

My mom had ordered this Fiestaware heart bowl for my birthday. It hadn't arrived yet when we were home last. I love anything heart shaped. 

We washed Meadow's car seat so it was brand new again.

Little Bear always loves a car seat nap. 

I love brunch buffets. Today was turning out to be a pretty good Mother's Day.

Blake even ended up meeting us there. I thought he would have been sick of us and wouldn't come.

We had to get some photos of Meadow in her darling dress.

She's growing up.

Mom and baby insisted on a picture for their first mother's day together.

Three generations.

On the way back we stopped at Trigg's to pick up some groceries. When I told my parents we were staying until Monday they decided they would too. Like usual I nursed Meadow in the car while everyone else shopped.

I picked up some Lakefront Brewery brewskis while there.

At work we hand out tree seedlings for Arbor Day. I took one this year to plant at the cottage. I picked a Maple tree. We decided on where to plant it. Hopefully someday we can get some syrup out of it.

By the way this is my Scott face.

I guess so.

Apparently it takes three Romenesko's to plant a stinking tree.

Blake and I skipped rocks down by the lake.

When I was younger I would always be the first to swim in the lake. As soon as the ice was off I would jump in. As I got older I got wussier, I sometimes won't go in even in August.

As you can tell from this pic, it was quite cold.

Usually  my dad has his brothers help him put the dock in over the guys weekend, but since Blake and Scott were here they helped out this time. It's probably a good idea that they learn how to since they will have to do it on their own some day.

I was used to the cold water after a few rounds of bringing the dock sections out.

Once we got the docks in the water Mike dragged them into place.

It really seemed to be more of a one or two man job.

Ummm...I don't think Mr. Mike could've done this by himself.

My dad said they were here a week ago and there was still ice on the lake. I was hoping the dam hadn't been opened yet because then we could walk along the shoreline.

One time when I was in middle school I was walking along and I saw an old potato sack bag. When I looked inside there was a big rock and what appeared to be bones. My parents took it to the police station.

They said it looked like the bones had been broken and burned. They weren't sure whether they were human or not and sent them to a crime lab in Milwaukee. We never did find out what it was. A lot of the gangsters from the 20's used to hide out in the Northwoods, my mom thinks it may have to do with one of them.

I think Blake and I could manage to get the dock out in the future.

My mom and Meadow were taking a nap while we were putting out the dock. When they woke up I gave my mom her present. I made a stepping stone with Meadow's handprints. The first thing she says is, "Is this a gravestone?"


I mentioned to Brittany that we should all make stepping stones for my mom for Mother's Day. I had seen kits at Hobby Lobby, but since we don't have one near us I wasn't sure how I was going to make one.

Brittany did a quick search online and found an easy turtorial that would only cost $3.00. I got everything I needed at Menards and Dollar Tree. When it came time to put Meadow's handprints in it wasn't working out like I thought it would. There were too many stones.

She had bought concrete instead of cement. They're not exactly the same thing.


I thought we could take Meadow for a walk in the wagon.

We stopped by the remaining snowbank.

Here's to hoping this is gone the next time we go up north.

Meadow did pretty well in the wagon, at first...

After awhile Meadow got bored and kept trying to climb out.

Even though she wanted to jump out from time to time, I think Meadow enjoyed the ride. She doesn't have a stroller. This is as close as she'll ever get.

We reminced about our Florida trip.

That trip was awesome.

She also liked dangling her Easter bunny for dear life.

I'm afraid she'll do the same thing to Peanut someday.

Scott said I should just go in the wagon with her to keep her from jumping out. I thought it was pretty fun, I don't see why she would want to leave.

I got the raw end of this deal.

Back at the cottage we hung out on the screen porch drinking brewskis.

Meadow decided to play with Mike's empty beer bottle. I guess the fact that is was empty was a good thing.

I grabbed some toys up in the camp for Meadow to play with.

"The camp" is the attic space above the screen porch. It's filled with legos and other toys.

We were all still pretty full from brunch and decided to skip dinner. Blake and I thought we would make pudgy pies for a snack.

Then we all decided maybe we were hungry for reals so we cooked some burgers on the fire.

Meadow attempted to sit in this little chair.

I thought she would like it after her porch days in Mississippi.

After awhile she tried to get out of the chair. To keep Meadow from getting too close to the fire I brought out the pack n play. She surprisingly didn't mind being in there.

The trusty tripod grill cooked our burgers to smithereens. 

The next morning we had waffles with leftover pie filling from our pudgy pies.

By the time I woke up the pie filling was all gone and we were low on waffle batter.

I made some french toast.

It was a lot cooler and foggier on this day.

We all had to bundle up. I hope Meadow can still squeeze into her reindeer hat next year.

I think we were trying to figure out what to do for the day.

We meandered through the property to entertain ourselves.

I ended up doing what I love: cleaning. With our recent purchase of (organic) chicken poop fertilizer and Meadow's puke bomb our car wasn't smelling so fresh. It was also filled with sand from the beach in Florida.

While she cleaned I did what I do best: take photographs.

Blake wrote Meadow's name on our hood.


I think Mr. Mike really likes his rambunctious granddaughter.

In a few short years she'll be fishing, swimming and having a really good time up in Three Lakes.

After my current documentary photography project is done I think we'll go on an adventure with the Airstream. We'll have to borrow someone else's car.

Then it was lunch time.

Blake had to leave for his new job, so he packed his beer for the road.

I guess I needed a nap. My parents had to head back home too, while we decided to stay another night.

We were clearly grasping for straws. On cold days it's a challenge to find something to do.

Scott always wants to come up in the fall or spring, but I always tell him there's not much too do.

Can you tell Meadow was here?

Eventually Blake left us too.

I spotted some dear after Blake left.

My dad made this food trough for the deer to eat corn. I hardly ever see any deer use it, they seem to mostly come at night. While Scott was making dinner I saw about six or eight of them.

They're probably trying to recuperate from the harsh winter. This has to be the easiest meal in the forest.

I made my classic meatball recipe.

Meadow didn't like the meatballs. She thought they were too spicy.

I'm guessing it was the chili flakes. She hates those.

The weather wasn't any better the next day.

I almost forgot about my painting.

I was bored and suggested we go to Eagle River to check out that thrift store where we scored some major deals last time.

I'm pretty sure that was my idea. You just agreed to it.

This time they didn't have as much, but we did get Meadow a crocodile keyboard for 75 cents.

Then for fun we went to our favorite overpriced outfitters store and dreamed of fancy new kayaks.

Our cheapo kayaks will do, but one of these years we might invest in a good tandem kayak.

We decided we would stay another night and picked up some groceries on the way home.

The crocodile xylophone was pretty sweet.

She loves her new toy.

She also loves her Papa.

I love beer.

Rotisserie chicken, sweet potato fries and sautéed mixed greens.

After Meadow went to bed we watched the final season of The Office and made s'mores in the microwave.

Not a bad way to end our mini escape to the Northwoods.

The next day we had to be cleaned up and ready to go because my uncle and some of his friends were coming. I got back my keys that I lost last new years from him and we were on our way.


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