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Birthday Ice Cream Pie, Pierogi Fish Fry and Other Stuff

For Brooke's actual birthday we got an ice cream pie from Milkjam. Not quite as good as Sebastian Joe's cakes, but still good. Oh, happy birthday, Killer Bee.

You know we love a good lenten fish fry. The Ukranian American Community Center in Northeast Minneapolis does one with Pierogis as the side. Or are they main dish? Either way, pretty, pretty good.

I had heard about this a couple years ago and had been wanting to try it. 

The kids chickened out and got spaghetti. 

They even had a band playing Ukranian folk music.

We decided to go on an after dinner walk through Boom Island Park and onto Nicollet Island.

We promised the kids a playground and they were sorely disappointed. 

What a dream it would be to live on Nicollet Island. But also why did they knock down all the cool old commercial buildings lining Hennepin?

Got some new pants. Theo had to try them out first.

We keep having birthday celebrations so the birthday decorations stay up. 

Theo made a stove and fry pan with his magnatiles. 

It was another unusually warm day so I took Meadow to do archery.
She's so cool.

I think this might be the first time she used her quiver that Brittany made. 


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