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An M&Ms Halloween

Theo's been on a Mario spree recently. Mario Maker 2, Bowsers Fury, Mario Odyssey. He's also been getting a bit riled up by the challenging moments. 

It was crunch time for me to get these costumes done before Halloween.

Meanwhile I once again ended up in the northwest exurbs. This time I purchased a used Iron Sleek backyard rink setup.

The kids are going to have the best winter ever. 

Somehow I managed to haul all the hardware and 19 long 2x12s. The kids Christmas present had made it home safely.

I guess while I was gone the kiddos actually played air hockey. Fitting.

Sometimes they get along. 

The fourth costume and I was finally getting the hang of these appliques.

These were looking so good.  

Meadow dug into one of her old lego kits.

Busy day. Must mean a visit to La Casa Market for deli tacos.

So good.

Love that it's just down the street. 

I did the finishing touches on Scott's costume. These costumes are really meant for kids and teenagers so I had to alter Scott's to fit him.

Dang, do I look good in that costume.

On Halloween Meadow's new kitty halloween bucket arrived.

She had been using a Frozen basket for like ever and it just wasn't big enough or her style anymore. 

Our first stop is our downstairs neighbors. We're so lucky they love Halloween.

They even took our next Christmas card picture.

Got to say, our house is looking great.

We went north this year for a slightly different route.

Theo was really scared this year, but eventually warmed up. 

I think we need to get some skeletons for our yard.

A giant one eating smaller ones?

I think this area doesn't get much kids, people seemed really excited to see us and gave us handfuls of candy. 

It was funny when people would see both kids dressed as M&M's and then look up to see we were as well.

We were a big hit. But also got way too many M&Ms as a result.

Eventually we tired Theo out. By this point we were overflowing with candy.

Our haul. I love that we all share too, no one has their own stash.

We've got two great kiddos. Most of the time...

I bet you can't guess what everyone loved to give us.

Next year I'm going as a Butterfinger or Almond Joy.


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