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Scraping Paint and Minneapolis Night Biking

It was a rare weekend where we were actually at home. 

Originally we were going to do a cat cafe for Meadow's birthday. Since we had been gone we were going to postpone it. That was when we decided to maybe skip a birthday party this year. The main reason Meadow wanted to have a party was to see her friends. Instead we promised her she could have a friend over every weekend we were home. 

So today we invited over Saraphina. Theo had a hard time understanding that sometimes they would play together without him. He's not quite used to having to share his sister.

I'm almost finished scrapping the back of the house. I can't tell you why I scrapped the back first. I just started to do it and kept going.

Scott had found on Twitter that a movie Meadow has been wanting to see was playing in Loring Park. We didn't tell her where we were going just that it was a surprise. 

We biked to MOAB (Movie on a Bike) to watch Kiki's Delivery Service at Loring Park. Totally not approved by any authorities and very much the kind of weirdo Minneapolis culture that got us to fall in love with the Mill City.

We definitely felt a little out of place being the only ones there with kids. But that's just how we roll.

The kids loved it, so who cares if any of the other patrons were annoyed. Weird fun is for everyone.

All I hear about is how our city is unsafe. I beg to differ. 

Pretty great city if you stop complaining for one second.


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