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Duluth Easter 2023


We arrived in Duluth right before Blake was done at work. We made a quick stop at Glensheen. I told Theo Blake lived here now. Later he said, "I knew you were lying because there was a parking lot with cars."

Each room had hidden Easter eggs for the kids to find. 

It was Easter weekend after all.
Dream bathroom.

That's a lot of tile. I can just imagine that sink full of hair straighteners.
Dream breakfast room.

Breakfast room? Who has a breakfast room?

Why is one white?
I asked Blake where they got the square brass plate covers and he said they were original to the house. 

Oops looks like a Leprechaun got lost.
Meadow wanted pizza. Theo wanted Chinese. Theo won out and we drove over to the old school Cantonese House just down the hill.

We need to remember to share when we get Chinese or Thai. Always too much food. 

I took this picture appreciating their MCM meets Chinese Restaurant decor. Apparently the waitress made a strange face behind me.

Afterwards we walked to a playground, the kids favorite activity. Theo slipped going down the slide and hurt his ear pretty badly so back home we went.

Blake's bed and breakfast always includes pancakes or waffles. I wanted Black Bear but was outnumbered.

Me too. But Blake, Meadow and Theo didn't want to leave.

So, monster pancakes it was.
I needed a glass and I found this in Blake and Daniel's cabinet.

After Blake shopped for Easter we walked to downtown. Apparently Duluthians gave up shoveling after getting 130" of snow this winter.

There's this weird dead zone of demolitions between Blake's place and Central Hillside and downtown. But once you get there, it's worth the walk.

We told the kids we would stop at a playground on the way. They were disappointed we didn't so we had to stop at some swinging benches.

Almost a playground.

We went to the new Blacklist Brewing for an afternoon beer or two.

Blacklist Brewing also has ice cream. The kids were glad we came now. 
We were going to play Yahtzee, but half of the game of was missing.

Meadow drew pictures of all of us.

Apparently Yahtzee without the paperwork is Tenzi's.

I didn't get the Maibock I was craving, but we got a number of decent brews. It looks like they also traded in their Belgian-style brews for golden strong ales. Why must all craft breweries be so lazy.

The hop lights were the highlight on the new brewery space.

Then we brought the kids to their promised playground. 

Brooke and I went home for a bit (medication, yay) and were making our way back to Blake and the kids when we ran into them.

After a potty break we made our way back down the hill to Sammy's Pizza.

Duluth had 40" of more snow than us this winter. 

We had almost 100", so that's quite impressive.

So many underutilized buildings around the edges of Duluth.
While we waited for our pizzas, the kids acted like goofballs.

Someone on Twitter got lambasted for including Sammy's as one of Minnesota's best pizzas. Despite what the plebeians say, it's pretty dang good.

Blake no longer has roommates and Daniel was currently driving back from New Mexico. It's weird to be in an empty house.

We really didn't do much this weekend, but Blake and the kids did color eggs. Twice in two weeks! Lucky kids.
I was busy making coconut cream pie, but I guess this was more interesting.

The kids earned tattoos after finding all the hidden eggs at Glensheen.

Blake and I went over to his former butler's house for a birthday party. I guess the only photo I took was of the old oil drum in his basement. You can still see the outline of where ours was in our basement.

We once had two. One of them still has the pipes going out of the house to add oil, but neither tank is still around.

The kids were excited to find their Easter baskets in the morning. Theo's was hidden under the stairs closet. 

Meadow found hers in Blake's laundry closet.

This year the kids got new headlamps and lots of treats. 
 Theo also got a Bluey puzzle and Meadow got a unicorn lego set. 

After Scott made crepes for breakfast, Blake and I took the kids to another playground where Blake found an unfound Easter egg. 

Inside was $2 and a Milky Way.


Blake found a hidden note with clues at the park.

We told Theo we had to go back home to find the clues. He didn't want to leave the playground.

The second clue was found in the sauna. 

The next one was found in the fireplace.

Finding the eggs was tricky in all the snow and Boubville chaos. 

Oh, yeah, Blake and Daniel hosted an anti-Christmas (or maybe just anti-mainstream Christmas) spectacular back in December. The remnants were buried in the snow.

The eggs were shaped like Legos! 

Meadow made an Easter drawing while waiting for the party to start.

Not quite as epic as last years charcuterie tray, but pretty good.

We had a big group again so two tables this year. 

I think that's the norm now. Blake and Daniel are too popular.

Lots of great discussions about Wisconsin vs Minnesota old fashioneds and Jesus descending into hell (apparently this was in the Apostles Creed). You know the standard Easter table discussion.

We sat at the kids table this year and didn't pout, Daniel.

Grace. If you know, you know.
After dinner we played Jackbox.
Dang that game has me described to a t.


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