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French Toast and Friend's Kid's Birthday

These two are always found on a screen right when they wake up.

For the first time in forever I actually made breakfast. Day old challah french toast.


The syrup we recently picked up at Wagner Tomahawk Shell on the way to the cottage turned out to be excellent. Thick and robust, not that amber junk. This convenience store is one of the best in the Northwoods.

My dream guest room is finally complete.

The rug we got from Wayfair was extremely low pile, but it looks good.

Looking at it now it's hard to believe the walls once looked like this.

I didn't do half bad job. It just took me way longer than it ought to have. I'm guessing a skim coater could've done this in two days. It took me months and months.

Or when the room had random pipes sticking out of the wall.

Don't worry, those were long abandoned.

Our next project is turning our old bedroom into Theo's room.

I'm also working on adding legs to the air hockey table I found on the side of the road.

We're also still deciding on a rug for the living room. But look now there is plenty of places to sit in our living room.

Theo's been dressing a little different recently. Think he got the look from someone?

We were invited to our friend's kid's birthday party. It was great seeing the Rogers again.

But we mostly just all played out on our own.

After Scott took a photo of the park, Davin insisted on taking a photo of the 4 of us.

I told Brooke we'd miss the pizza and presents. We got a little bit of pizza and managed to make it for the opening of the gifts. We were so glad we could celebrate Doralyce's birthday and catch up with Davin and Dora.

Since we were nearby, we picked up some items from Ikea.


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