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End of March Stuff and Our Last Outdoor Ice Skating of 2023


After waking up I asked the kids what they were going to do today. Meadow and Theo both agreed (I didn't even have to say anything!) the living room and their bedroom needed to be cleaned. Looks like my checklists have rubbed off on Meadow. 

This is truly a miracle. Good job kiddos.

It's going to be weird when the kids are older and we always have a clean living room. 

They'll just have pigsties in their bedrooms.

After the fish died we picked up a couple more for the kids. Meet Mario and Fishy. 

I tried to talk Brooke into getting a cat, but she's right that we have all the fish stuff and no cat supplies anymore. Ah, well.

So proud of these kids. 

After 5 days of not having a gas stove we finally found someone that fixed it for us. 

With all the boards back in place, I was just putting on the finishing touches before painting. 

These tongue and groove pine floors were really meant to be subfloors, but sometimes, especially in upper floors, folks would never install proper hardwood floors. Out east you'll find pine floors in homes much older than you'll find in the Upper Midwest. Someday we might put in proper hardwood floors, but this would do for now.

Since my birthday weekend the kids love playing outside suddenly. Before they would go out for like 20 minutes get in an argument then come back in. Now they play outside for hours. With the recent time change they'll play outside after dinner and come in when it gets dark. 

Hoping they'll be able to keep themselves busy out there come summer time.

We needed to get everything out of the attic, which meant taking apart our guest bed and doing something with the mattress. I came up with the dumb idea to just put that mattress on top of ours. It'll do.

I tackled random tasks today like sewing up the rug in our kitchen that's starting to unravel. Ignore my awkward position on the floor, I didn't want to put the dirty rug on a table. 

This weekend was the last weekend for outdoor ice skating. We headed up to Maple Grove to get one last skate in. This is the best time to go. People are over winter, so there's hardly anyone here. 

The kids didn't want to go, but once I promised them a treat, I got them to tag along.

Until next year, ice skating, and probably Maple Grove.

The kids put up a fight about going so Scott promised them ice cream.

We tried out Two Scoops in Osseo, which is just up the road from the Maple Grove ice skating loop.

On Sunday Brooke and I continued emptying out the attic. The kids kept themselves busy as usual. 


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