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Boiler Gets Replaced, Kiddo Snuggles and Finally Painting the Attic Pine Floors


Our maybe 80 year old boiler was getting replaced this week.

It seemed more exciting while shopping for one. You may ask, "Scottie, why did you buy the 84% efficient boiler." Well 95% efficient tend to last half as long and eventually I'd like this boiler to be our cold weather backup to some sort of heat pump. We'll see.

They couldn't get our vintage boiler out with all the snow and ice. We'd have a strange lawn ornament for a couple of weeks.

Before painting the attic floors, I had to finish skim coating and then painting our bedroom closet.
Theo saw me sewing a button and wanted to learn too. We worked on buttons then I gave him this grid to practice stitches. He even said, "This is almost better than TV."

He even made a pillow for his baby. 

Our living room is usually a Magnatile city of sorts. 

More like Picasso Tile and knockoff Brios. I think we even have some generic Duplos. 

For the first time in forever I made Sunday breakfast. My favorite oatmeal waffles. Well technically its a pancake recipe, but it works great.

Apparently Theo and Meadow snuggled with Brooke all day long.

This weekend we were finally painting the floors in the attic. Once everything was sanded and vacuumed we washed them. 

I countersunk all the nails, attached loose boards and, you know, drilled through an old gas line.

After cleaning I made double decker tacos.

The next morning we started by painting all the edging.

After going back and forth between staining or painting, and then going with paint, We basically went with the color that was already there. 

It's going to look so nice.

Our neighbors recently got new kittens. The kids have been obsessed asking if they can go over and see them everyday. Meadow really wanted to make some cat toys for them so we did. They couldn't wait to give it to them. 

We also painted the bare wood before rolling paint over the big areas the following day.

A few days later I noticed our canoe was dripping, I looked up and saw that our roof was soaked from the pile of snow on the roof.

Uh, oh. We'll have to check out the garage roof once it warms up and all the snow melts.


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