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Walking to the Kingfield Farmers Market and More Fixer-Upping


After being in school for only 4 days Meadow already brought home germs. I seemed to be the one that got hit the hardest and was sick all week. It was nice to get out for some fresh air after a week indoors. 

We decided to go for a walk to the farmers market, but first needed to stop at the hardware store.

September is the absolute best time to go to the farmers markets around Minneapolis. Brooke loves the downtown market, but this one has just as good of selection. Just fewer vendors.

The temporary guest room was all painted and light fixtures were hung. Now I had to clean all the dust before our guests come next weekend. 

It felt like a big step forward, but we still had two more rooms to finish patching. Well, the other bedroom was nearly ready, but the big room hadn't been started yet.

I was busy finishing up the lower porch. I guess there was a few more items left on my lead remediation checklist.

This will also be the exterior color on the exterior cedar shingles.

Meadow sewed up Theo's blankie for him so it was sort of a square again. 

Nice job, Meadow

Funny how we never ate Domino's ever and now it's our go to for when we don't want to make dinner. 

The kids love it and it's cheap.


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