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Scott is Overseas and Dad Comes to Be Our Nanny


After dropping Scott off at the airport early in the morning, instead of going back to bed I got straight to painting our porch. My parents were coming to watch the kids and I figured they would want to use the porch while they were here. 

 Meadow was camping with her Girl Scout troop. 

Like our windows, our porch is painted with lead paint and has some areas were peeling. Since we plan to use this room a lot we wanted to get it painted sooner rather than later. I had made it all the way to the last section before running out of paint. 

Theo would sleep with me every night while Scott was gone.


I guess I'm a morning person now. Since I couldn't finish painting yesterday I woke up early and dragged Theo with me to Menards to get more paint and a few other things. I have to say Menards at 8am on Sunday morning is nice. 

It was a good thing we went to the store early because while we were there I got a text from Meadow's Girl Scout leader that they were dropping her off soon.  

Meadow commented that all the other girls had bigger camp chairs than her. I guess she has grown out of hers.  

Marina gave Meadow and Theo her old trampoline. It's going to have to stay in the attic so we don't bother our downstairs neighbors. 


My dad arrived to help me with the kids for the week. Mom still had Covid so she couldn't join. Which was probably fine because our house is a bit chaotic right now with doing the work on the porch. 


I asked Dad to bring his metal detector to use in our backyard. It was beeping a lot.  


Without digging too many holes int he yard we did find some old garden decor.  

Also found an in ground sprinkler system. No idea where to turn this on. 

We also discovered that it's all concrete slabs next to the garage. 

I had made a reservation for the pizza farm but with the nonstop rain we decided to skip. With pizza on our mind we went out to Red Wagon pizza. We usually just order delivery from this place. It was nice to finally make it there in person.

On Thursday I took a day off work to hang out. We drove down to Minneopa State Park for the day. 

We followed an unmarked trail down to the river.  

Theo hasn't really been watched by anyone else besides Scott and me. It was nice to see these two getting along. 


Oh Meadow and her creations.  


Rise and shine Theo it's time to go to the cottage.  

On the way to the cottage we stopped for Subway and at the park in Ladysmith.  

Meadow kept talking about how a kid at school brought in a film camera to show and tell. She said she really wanted one and lucky for her we still have all our old cameras. After taking a picture she was so confused where the photo was. She was talking about a Polaroid camera. We had to explain to her that you have to take your film in to get developed.  



Even Dad had fun at the playground.  

Once at the cottage Meadow finally got to try out her kayak she got for Christmas.  


We went on a quick boat ride before everyone else showed up.  

T he girls went out together once Marina showed up with her kayak.  

For Mother's Day Blake got my mom a mini brands.  

Memorial weekend means rummage saleing.  

Meadow got a stamp set.  


Chelsea spotted this piece before I did. Dang it!


Dad said no more furniture.  

I did like one of these dressers for our future guest room.  



Chelsea brought the game Ticket to Ride. Apparently Duluth is in Minneapolis.  



It's nice to see Theo hanging out with his cousins.  

Marina got this shirt but wasn't sure about wearing it in front of everyone. Blake told her he had a button shirt too so they could match.  

Meadow and I took a kayak ride around the lake.  

Chelsea made Brayden a fruit pizza for his birthday. 



Seems like not that long ago he was a 5 year old at our wedding. Now he's 16 and driving. 

We all wanted a piece until the corner piece was offered. 


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