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More Bryant Avenue Adventures, but Brooke Would Rather Be Camping (Don't Worry. She did.)

Theo and I have been getting in Lake Harriet adventures since we won't be as close after the move.

Theo loves his secret hideout. He even manages to pronounce the h these days.

Theo still brings his blankie everywhere he can. At least when I don't catch him before we get out of the house.

Can you believe the Minneapolis Parks are trying to stop youngsters from putting up there hammocks?

The waterfall at the Peace Garden has been mostly out of service the last two years. First because of covid (yeah, I know that makes no sense) and then because of the drought. 

Theo (and sometimes Meadow) make the most of it.

We also got to hang out with some deer. We didn't even notice them for a while.

The car apparently needed a bunch things changed.

So Theo and I explored Best Buy for a long time. His favorite part were the sound bars.

We went through all the kids books and whatever they didn't want we took to all the little free libraries in the neighborhood.

They also found some fairy houses.

I love all the clever libraries we find.

The kids will go on a walk if they can go to the playground too.

He looks like he's tired, but he was really just afraid of another kid. Never thought I'd have to two shy kids.

After taking a year off for Covid our block did our annual block party.

This is always a good night, but we also got to say goodbye to all of our neighbors.

The whole block stayed out until well after dark.

Our neighbor Andy brought out his mega telescope. I've never seen the moon that closeup before.

This weekend was going to be great weather. Scott was going to a soccer game. I wanted to get out and do something too. I found an open backpacking site at Myre-Big Island State Park, packed up quickly and headed out with the kids.

Meadow actually got to use her new backpack for camping. My pack was a lot lighter now that the kids can carry their own stuff.

We had campsite #1 which was only a short walk, about a mile. Very doable for the kids. The site was pretty amazing. Very private and on the lake. 

Mac and cheese for dinner.

The moon reflection on the lake was pretty cool.

The only bad thing about camping in the fall is it gets dark so darn early.

Since it was just the 3 of us we took the tiny tent. Theo was a little sad that he had to sleep at our feet. 

Oatmeal for breakfast.

While I packed up Meadow took over taking photos.

This giant mushroom was growing on our site.

She couldn't get over our beautiful view.

Then Theo took a turn.

Ready to go.

I love my little camping buddies.

We got a canoe cart for Christmas and hadn't used it yet. Since we are moving in a couple weeks we figured it was now or never.
Whoops. I guess we didn't think we'd be moving in 2021 last Christmas.

The lake was windy and choppy but we only had a short distance to go.

I'm not sure I loved hauling it over, but it was fun crossing the lake.

We stopped for ice cream at Bread & Pickle.

Nice photo Theo. 



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