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November and Not Much Else


We're still trying to use up those apples. Apple pancake again.

They will never be all eaten. It's like our fruit drawer has no bottom.

PicassoTiles are still #1 in our house.

The kids play with them every single day. 

Although Meadow mostly plays with every day objects. I've never seen anyone get so excited to get a box.

I try to sneak them out of the house, but she insists on making something out of each and every one of them.

She also constantly finds scrap fabrics for new stuffed animal outfits. 

Scott was going to be gone for the week on a work trip and needed more masks. 

Brooke even made me a Packers one.

Just look at the fine fabric.

Thanks Etsy.

We weren't having one of our standard adventures, but we still had a good day.

Sometimes I guess it's okay to be home to caught up on projects.

We finished the night playing some Wii games. That console ages like a fine wine.


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