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A Tettegouche Camp Cabin and Roller Garden Brooke Birthday

It's become a yearly tradition to stay at a cabin for my birthday. Since Saturday night was the only night that worked for us this year, our locations to stay at were slim. We had casually checked places all week. We hoped to stay somewhere with snow, but all those places were far away or booked. We decided to wait to see what was available on Saturday.

On Friday we checked and saw that Tettegouche State Park had a cabin open. I had been wanting to go there, but the place is always booked a year in advance, someone must have canceled last minute. Scott tried to book it and then it was taken. When we went to look again it was available. We grabbed it fast and packed our stuff.

Well, first I couldn't sign in and called the park. Then somehow I was able to reset Brooke's account. Finally after a half-hour we had it booked. It was meant to be.

The next morning we left right after waking up with plans to stop at the Black Bear Casino for brunch.

And that's what we did.

After our long brunch we decided to stop at the Split Rock Lighthouse on our way. I had my membership pass ready, but admission is free in the off season. 

We perused the museum and watched a brief movie about the lighthouse's history.

Then we headed over to the lighthouse by the windy lake.

Admission is free...because they close the buildings in the winter. I guess we will get to use my pass anyway this summer.

Meadow attempted to climb said lighthouse.

One of the reasons why I had been wanting to go to Tettegouche was because their cabins are hike-in only. We were happy to see lots of snow up here. We got all of our stuff in two packs. We brought our snowshoes, but the trail was pretty packed down. Meadow said she didn't want to walk so we brought a sled to pull her.

The first half of the 1.7 mile hike is all up hill. I don't do well with hills so I handed Meadow over to Scott. He attached her sled to his pack.

I trudged my way up the steep hike with Meadow in tow.

We made it to the top!

It was actually harder to pull Meadow down the hill because it kept on trying to run on past me. Meadow also refused to just sled down the hill.

We ended up getting the biggest cabin of the bunch. We tried to see if any of our friends could join us, but it was last minute. The cabins back here were originally part of the Tettegouche Club. It was an exclusive club for iron ore merchants.  Some of the original buildings are gone, but there are still the original cabins and lodge.

Cabin B for Brooke's Birthday ha!

The cabin was super fancy and bigger compared to the other cabins we have stayed at. We had two bedrooms. Each bedroom had full size bunk beds, closets and a little dresser.

The cabin does have electric heat that turns on if the inside gets colder than 50 degrees. Otherwise the house is heated with the wood stove. Wood is provided with your stay and there was even a bucket of burning paper and matches left for us.

I got the fire started rather quickly. Kindling and a bit of paper. That's all you really need. I could do this everyday if I walked out to a lake just feet away.

Scott kept asking Meadow if we should live in a forest.

The living room even had a bunch of puzzles, books and games. Meadow went straight for that area.

I wish we could have stayed more than one night.

Our cabin was only 10 feet from the lake. Before it got dark we took a walk around.

It was nice to see winter again. In the summer canoes are included with your cabin.

We've missed winter fun this year. We had to get it all in this weekend.

The mini-mountatins of the North Shore. Wish more of Minnesota had this geography.

If there's rocks, Meadow will climb.

The cabin had a big screened in porch when you first come in.

It actually creeped me out a bit.

Of course Meadow and I tackled a puzzle together.

Puzzle. Masters.

The cabins also include a little kitchen with mini fridge, small cooktop, pots and pans, utensils, dish tubs, dishsoap, sponges and a water jug that you can fill up in the shower building. 
We brought a few extra things that we didn't need to bring. All you really need here is food, bedding and clothing. And skis. Should have brought our skis.

Meadow spent most of the night reading in front of the fire.

It took awhile for our cabin to heat up.

I couldn't stop puzzling.

I could only stare at the fire so long, so Meadow and I went to bed.

Scott and I zipped our sleeping bags together. To stay warm we all slept together. I guess we didn't need to bring Meadow's sleeping bag either.

I finished my puzzle before breakfast.

I tried slowing down the fire overnight, but by the morning it was just ash. The cabin was plenty warm, but I wanted to keep it that way.

We brought some activity books, an old Batman and Tranformer along. She kept herself busy enough.

Morning means potty break.

We had oatmeal for breakfast, but I wish we had brought bacon and eggs since we had a kitchen to cook in.

Maybe next time.

Oh yea, Meadow got her first haircut earlier this week. I was nervous about cutting off so much at once, but her hair needed it. It was pink and blonde and super tangly. Now its one color and much softer.

You have to make sure the place is clean before you leave, including mopping.

Check out time is 11, but the ranger said we could return our key as late as 1. It seemed like everyone else had already left when we did.

Before leaving we checked out the lodge.

They need to get the big fireplace working again.

Meadow said she wanted to walk back this time.

Our walk was a little slower, but she was doing it by herself.

Almost halfway we saw some guys on their way in. It seems everyone else here carried all their stuff in by sled. And apparently you can check in way earlier than 4. I wish we would have known that yesterday.

They took over our cabin. I let them know the fire was likely still going and the cabin warm. Lucky dogs.

Before heading back to Duluth we decided to check out the waterfalls.

The High Falls were high.

But not quite as high as Big Manitou Falls over in Wisconsin. Sorry, Minnesotans.

"Oh look a hole!"

Meadow was getting tired and wouldn't stop staring at every divot in the snow, so I put her on my shoulders.

All the trails and steps were super slippery and icy.

The stairs down to the Two Step Falls were too slick.

We also realized that there was no bridge there. I misread the map. Whoops.

"Oh another hole."

I was really impressed with Meadow today. Hiking back from our cabin and hiking more to see the waterfalls all by herself.

Goodbye, Tettegouche.

We were pooped after this. Next time we will have to check out more sites.

On our way back into Duluth we met Blake for dinner at Guadalajara in Superior. We couldn't go to Duluth and not see Blake.

This year for my birthday I requested Loaded Oreo Cream Cheese Brownies for my dessert.

So, I made it. Like a good hubby.

These were so good.

I think you can tell by Meadow's smile.

With all the ice skating we have been doing this winter I decided to go roller skating for my birthday instead of going out to dinner. I invited all my little friends.

I hadn't roller skated since probably 5th grade. It was nothing like ice skating. Meadow and I were struggling at first.

I chose the rollerblades. I was skating like the wind.

Hey Anna, Aaron, Roman and Lydia!

Hey, Fialas.

Table hockey was a popular break form the rink.

Then Cayla and Amanda showed up. Good times.

Meadow wasn't too confident skating on her own. She was always holding someones hand.

Which she loved.

I picked up speed after awhile.

This might be our last birthday with the Fialas for the foreseeable future.

Doing the hokey pokey.

It's a lot harder on skates.

I wish they had these when I was a kid. I remember learning by hanging onto the wall.

I received some great unexpected gifts from everyone. Free babysitting, hot cocoa, a new dress, a preschool Montessori book, hankies and enamel cups.

So far 32 is great!


Anita Gille said…
I enjoyed your family fun post very much. Thank you for taking time to do this and your daughter will thank you in 20 years too!

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