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A Memorial Weekend Fishing Lesson

We had plans to meet up with my dad, Chelsea and Nolan at the cottage for Memorial weekend.

What else would we do on such a holiday?

Halfway there in Ladysmith we took a break for lunch and for Meadow to play. This playground mostly had equipment from what seems like the 50's. This awesome merry-go-round could turn by pushing and pulling a lever.

I thought it wouldn't work, but we really got this thing going. Meadow loved it.

I loved it.

We arrived before them so we said hello to the lake first.

Hello my old friend!

Meadow was excited for all the rocks and jumped right in the water. I didn't think this weekend would have been warm enough for her swimsuit so I didn't bring it.

We were going to make some kind of fish dinner when Mr. Mike suggested we go out. Friendship Family Restaurant in Eagle River was the perfect fit.

We got some water when we arrived. Apparently I drink way more than average. The bus boy brought a bigger cup for me.

Meadow and Nolan enjoyed their parents soups.

The next morning Nolan turned into a robot. He wakes up a lot earlier than Meadow. She heard him playing and wanted to get up too. 

Brooke made some of her famous hash for everyone.

The cousins had fun swinging together as they did all weekend.

That is unless Nolan stood up and fell onto Meadow.

Or vice versa.

Nothing like sledding down the septic tank hill.

Meadow also spent most of the weekend putting her feet in the water. It probably didn't matter that I didn't bring her suit as that is about as far as she will go in.

There was a garage sale going on down the road. These folks had some nice antiques. I wonder how they had room for it all. Meadow went right for the rocking horse.

Meadow's lunch.

I insinuated that I wanted to go fishing. Mr. Mike bought me a license and we were off.

There's Meadow back in the water again.

Swinging on the swings waiting for her cousin to wake up.

I came in to check to see if he was up yet and found him sleeping on Chelsea not ready to get up.

Watching the boat come in with all the fish Scott and Grandpa caught.

I didn't do too well.

Before dinner we all went on a boat ride.

"Meadow want to drive?"

Already an old pro. I'm still not allowed to take the helm.

"You can't drive? hahahaha"

We found a snowmobile trail/campsite and decided to check it out.

I actually think one of Mr. Mike's brothers found it the previous weekend.

This would be an awesome place to camp.

"I see a sign for a toilet? Good I have to pee, wait nevermind."

Did any of us actually use it?

I would've stayed all night if I had a tent. Brooke didn't appreciate the bugs.

Mr. Mike had to get some practice in for tubing this summer.

I love this kid!

For dinner we had, you guessed it, fish!

Mr. Mike only caught pike. Brooke was supper careful not to get any bones. My advice is that you just need to chew the tiny bones until they're obliterated.

Meadow had to get her after-dinner dock time in.

We all fished from the dock as the sun set. 

I didn't catch anything, but Chelsea got a crappie. My luck isn't great or I stink at fishing.

Once the kids were bed we had s'mores and old fashioneds. Well not all of us.

Mike threw the fryer oil onto the fire. We all had to back up ten feet to maintain our eyebrows. 

For breakfast I made Chinese-style egg waffles and berry syrup. Good stuff.

These two were pretty much inseperable. Anytime Nolan would cry Meadow would cry and say "Nolan!"

We went fishing again. I like fishing, but hate to leave the others behind. I got the hang of casting, but it was Mr. Mike who dropped his rod in the water.

I thought I had lost Meadow. I couldn't find her and there she was playing in the sled.

While the guys went fishing we went for a walk. Meadow is always 30 feet ahead of us. Maybe she will be a runner like her Aunt Katrina. 


A few more pike this time around.

He showed us all how to filet a fish.

These two need to live closer together.

My dad watched the littles while us big kids ran to the grocery store for a couple of things.

Picking out toilet paper can be daunting.

When we got back I made fish tacos.

My dad wanted to buy cookies at the store the other day, but I said we could make them instead.

The next morning we had birds in a blanket?

It's not quite birds in a nest, so I guess that could be right.

It was a rainy dreary day. Chelsea wanted to pack up and get out of here as quickly as she could. We were in no rush. Rain or shine Meadow doesn't care.

Until she falls into the lake that is.

Leftover sandwiches. We love leftovers.

"Why did everyone leave so early, it's not raining anymore?"

It was probably more like, "Leave? Rain? No."

I thought I had stumbled upon fiddleheads. Turns out these aren't the right kind. You don't want the fuzzy ones.

We ran into Blake's old play area in the woods that I think the cousins will end up taking over.

This is why landfills are a bad idea. Plastics never decompose.

We toured the land for sale across the street. If only I had $8500 I would've bought these two acres on the spot. Turns out the FIBs (really they're quite nice) bought it and Momma Gail was just about to make an offer. I hope they don't knock down the woods or build anything.

Then it was time to head back home.

We took Wisconsin Highway 64 this time to change things up. We stopped for dinner at Sandi's Drive-In in Cornell. Apparently this little town had quite the paper mill.

Dang good breakfast burgers and golf bros. Nothing better. Okay maybe only the former.


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