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Milwaukee Thanksgiving without the Dinner Thing

Friday morning we went down to Milwaukee for our second Thanksgiving. While looking through Black Friday ads for fun I saw that Shopko had nutcrackers on sale. We buy a new nutcracker every year to add to our collection.

We even have a song we sing called, "I've Got a Collection of Nutcrackers."

Both of us have worked on Black Friday, but never shopped. At least we went later in the day and not when all the stabbing crazies are out.

That's only at Wal-Mart. We like to avoid Wal-Mart when possible.

We had a hard time deciding which one to get.

We settled on a gnome.

On our way to Shopko I spotted a frozen custard joint. We stopped for lunch.

Jumbo's turned out to be a one of kind stop even if it seemed like it was run by Chicago-natives. Chicago-style red hots at a custard joint?

And no cheese curds?!

Just like in Amelie that gnome is everywhere.

We decided to feed Meadow before heading on. I ate before we made the final forty minute drive from West Bend to Cudahy. This was definitely not on par with Kopp's or even Culver's.

Meadow was excited to see her other grandparents. Sadly her aunt, uncle and new cousin couldn't make it.

They're closing on a house in their new home of Grand Rapid, Michigan.

Grandma and Grandpa Tuska hadn't seen her for a few months and were excited to hold her. My pops is a big baseball fan, so we dressed her up in a baseball outfit only to pee in it as we arrived.

She showed off her I-can-put-everything-in-my-mouth trick.

Grandpoppy Tuska held little Meadow a lot more this time around.

Lately when Meadow is grumpy we take off her pants and she's happy. She would like to be totally naked, but it's too cold for that.

Plus the whole, "I might poop any second," thing. 

My mom showed us some gloves that my Grandpa bought my grandma in Paris during WWII.

His grandparents wedding topper is so darling.

I wish we could've used it. I guess the military themed groom might have been weird.

My grandma collected cards and scrapbooked them for many years.

It seems like all we eat in Wisconsin is pizza, burgers and frozen custard.

Meadow has a new favorite trick.

The next morning I tested a Christmas train set that I had told Brooke about. It turned out that batteries had been in the controller and train for years. Only the remote batteries leaked.

Meadow and I watched on.

I left for a while to buy some batteries. It turned on, started to exhaust its faux train smoke, but didn't move. We decided to bring it home anyhow to put around the tree.

It was a "warm" day so we decided to go for a walk before the sun set.

It was actually warm, 47 degrees.

Sheridan and Grant Parks get all the praise on the south side, but Warnimont Park, which is sandwiched between them, is also pretty great. 

This tree lined passageway is how we got to Milwaukee County's famous Oak Leaf trail as a kid. 

Meadow was excited to go for a walk.

We got to see Lake Michigan.

Well, yeah, that was the idea.

I'd never walked along this path sculpted by the lakefront and large ravines.

Scott's dad noticed a tree decorated with random ornaments.

We had to turn around at this mid-century apartment that demarcates Cudahy from South Milwaukee.

This area used to be fenced off when it was home to a Nike site. A few structures still remain.

Meadow slept for most of the walk.

We decided on St Francis Brewery for dinner. It was nice and noisy for Meadow.

We didn't bring our camera, so smartphone pics of the amazing pretzel will suffice.

This is our we look grumpy when we're not smiling face.

I had hoped Meadow would take a nap at the restaurant, but she didn't. She fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. Since it was a short ride home I suggested we check out Candy Cane Lane so she could nap longer.

Growing up almost everyone in my hometown decorated for Christmas. Some houses lit up everything. I remember limos and buses driving down our street to see the lights. I guess I was expecting much more to come out of this. It was still fun to see the creativity people have.

I think your memories of your hometown outstrip reality. Nothing beats Candy Cane Lane.

When we got home Meadow and grandpoppy got to cuddle for one last time.

Meadow had to sleep with us in bed. She didn't seem to mind.

Meadow wanted to look out the window in the morning.

She loves her morning cuddle hour.

Meadow did some playtime with her Grandma and Grandpa while we loaded up the car and ate lunch.

I decided on ramen since I haven't had it in ages. So good with buttery crackers.

We still always come back with more stuff then when we left with.

Don't look sad grandpoppy, she'll be back in a few weeks for Christmas.

We stopped at a cheese store in hopes of getting lunch.

My dad would've loved this Bucky the Badger cheese. Brooke's mom got me a windmill shaped wax-covered cheese for my first Christmas with them.

They only had lots of cheese...

...and novelty Wisconsin souvenirs...

...and an awesome map of Wisconsin...

...with miles to nearby cities like New Orleans and Paris.

We should paint this on the boarded garage windows that face the alley. One for Wisconsin and one for Minnesota.

I had pumped a bottle the day before to bring with when we went out to eat. She didn't end up needing it so I saved it for the ride home. It worked out really well this way. We didn't have to stop and I could feed her whenever she was hungry. She hardly cried the whole ride home. I however became very full of milk. Next time I will have to try pumping in the car.

We settled on Culver's across the street. You probably could've seen that coming.

Since Brittany forgot to give us some things at Thanksgiving we met her halfway home in Tomah.

Now Meadow has new booties to keep her feet warm this winter.

It was kind of funny to see them again for a short while.

 We tried changing Meadow at Aldi and then went on our way when they didn't have one. Thank you Kwik Trip for actually having a changing station.

When we got home we made soup that my mom gave to us. Thanksgiving week was officially over.


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