Duluth Easter 2023

  We arrived in Duluth right before Blake was done at work. We made a quick stop at Glensheen. I told Theo Blake lived here now. Later he said, "I knew you were lying because there was a parking lot with cars." Each room had hidden Easter eggs for the kids to find.  It was Easter weekend after all.   Dream bathroom. That's a lot of tile. I can just imagine that sink full of hair straighteners.       Dream breakfast room. Breakfast room? Who has a breakfast room? Why is one white?   I asked Blake where they got the square brass plate covers and he said they were original to the house.  Oops looks like a Leprechaun got lost.   Meadow wanted pizza. Theo wanted Chinese. Theo won out and we drove over to the old school Cantonese House just down the hill. We need to remember to share when we get Chinese or Thai. Always too much food.  I took this picture appreciating their MCM meets Chinese Restaurant decor. Apparently the waitress made a strange face behind me. Afterwards we w
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