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A Texas-Louisiana-Arkansas Hipcamp Road Trip: Louisiana Camping in the Heart of Summer

We had our second longest drive halfway done by the time we had passed Houston and reached Beaumont, Texas.
It was definitely starting to look more like Louisiana and less like Texas.
I had found some kind of soul food restaurant in their downtown only to find out that it didn't exist. Whoops.
Instead, despite Brooke's protests, Meadow and I picked the Hut in Orange, Texas on the border with Louisiana.
Since we didn't get BBQ in Austin we had to get some. I wasn't feeling it.
I'd wanted bbq ever since we'd got to Texas despite Brooke's protests. We finally got some hella good ribs and a brisket sandwich.
Meadow chose the ribs.
We were already in bayou country way back near Houston, but it wasn't until the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge that we were in the heart of it. The 18.2 mile, kind of ugly, bridge takes you right through the bayou. In fact most of the time your driving right over one of the basins channels.
Eventually we made it to Baton Rouge.
We meandered t…

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