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38th Birthday Bike Ride and More

I woke up to a nice birthday note from Meadow. 

I had some PTO to use, it was Scott's birthday, the weather was supposed to be unusually warm and Blake and Daniel were in town.

Since our ice rink was melting we thought we'd go for a bike ride. 

We were almost to their hotel when Blake said they were at Hard Times.

I had to take a picture of my bike rack for Meadow.

Blake and Daniel, what're you doing here? Well, Daniel had a projection project at the Cedar as a part of the Great Northern Festival.

Daniel had to head to his gig. We thought about getting a beer at Palmer's but they weren't open yet. 

I have been wanting to hike Winchell Trail so that's where we went. This is the oldest hiking trail in Minneapolis dating back to the 1880's. Yet it's older than that as it was a path the Natives used to get from Cold Water Spring to St Anthony Falls.

I didn't know there were mini waterfalls over here.

There are a few along the Mississippi River gorge, though most have disappeared.

This one is fed by an entombed creek.

You see that manhole. That was once flush with the ground. It seems the engineers underestimated the erosion from heavy rain.

We biked back to our house to pick up the kids after Blake dropped us off back by the Cedar.

I decided on Marhaba Grill for dinner before Daniel's show. It looks way better in person and not an iPhone SE2.

Theo approved.

After dinner we played at home until it was time to see Daniel's show at the Cedar. Funny enough their creations would be similar to one of the performers.

That weekend Brooke helped paint the trim since most of Theo's room was done. She's better at these kind of details.

Meadow got a Jiji cat knock off lego set from St Nick. It is so hard that I had to take it over. Some steps take me over an hour to do.

Then we went to the Riverview Theater to see the latest and possibly last Ghibli film The Boy and the Heron.

I thought I had been here before but I was totally wrong. Not sure why we hadn't been before.

Well, I went to movie with our buddy Tyler years ago.  

When we got back the kiddos went for a skate. Blake had walked on the rink earlier in the week and we realized, wait, it is skateable despite the warm temps. Sweet.

To get the kids to leave the house again I promised them tamales at La Loma.

Tonight there was an illuminated walk at Afton State Park. I had always wanted to go to one of these. It was a bit crowded due to the warm weather.

It was a bit strange without snow, but better than staying home on a Saturday night.


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