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The Last Open Streets Ever?

We had one last week of summer so Meadow and I went swimming one last time this year.

It was unseasonably warm for early October in Minneapolis.  

Good morning sleepy bear.

It's Open Streets day on Lyndale!  

Meadow had been asking for Swedish pancakes so that is what I made today.

Hmmm... I wonder if she remembers when we had Swedish pancakes up on the Gunflint Trail at Loon Lake Lodge. Man, do we have to go back there.

I think that's what gave her the idea. 

These were awfully delicious. Where can folks get the recipe?

I think I just used the first result in Google. 

We didn't realize until today that Meadow's bike is much too small for her. Sorry kiddo. Looks like we'll be on the hunt for a new one for her.

We biked on our wonderful front yard bike lanes and then over to Lyndale.  

We ended up parking our bikes since the street was so crowded.

They really should split it so bikes are on one side and pedestrians on the other.

This might be the last Open Streets unless the city funds Our Streets, which I guess has been putting these events on for free all these years.

Theo loved watching the wrestling match.

We're not really wrestling types, but I guess every little boy is.  

Meadow got to make her own pin for a $1. 

She made a cat of course.

As always the people watching was great at Lyndale and Lake.

While walking down Lyndale I hadn't realized how many pizza restaurants are within a mile of each other.

The rest of the family finally tried Fire & Nice. Brooke had been here before with a friend. A few days later we found out they'd be closing. It's been tough for restaurants that opened during COVID.

The line at Milkjam was actually reasonable, so we decided to get a treat before heading back.

Scott and I shared a flight. 

We hadn't been here in years. I've kind of become partial to Bebe Zito and Sonny's Gelato.

One last look at the wrestlers.

We would've stuck around longer, but houses don't paint themselves.

The final stretches of putting on a second coat. 

We'll be holding off on the final two facades until next spring. I might have been able to paint one more facade if I rushed, but I think I had enough painting at this point.

Meanwhile, I almost finished Theo's costume.

Productive and fun day? How about that.


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