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Summers Here: It's Cottage Time... (Grumbling Stomach Noise)

Meadow had an event at her school on Thursday night so we took Meadow out of school and left Friday morning. We took our old route to the cottage through Taylors Falls. We always drive by this place that sells bread. 

Balsam Lake Oven Breads.

We decided to finally try it out. Unfortunately the breadshop wasn't open but they also had this garden store full of hostas. 

When we say full, we mean dozens of varieties. We had to get some for our work-in-progress gardens.

There was even a swingset for the kids to play on while we shopped. 
We made another stop to do a potty break/driver swap/playground time in Bruce. 

Sometimes we stop here and don't let the kids play. They were much happier that we let them have a good time.
This also gave Scott and I time to start booking our hotels for a trip we're taking in August. 

We changed Theo's seatbelt from the 5 point harness to a normal seat belt. He was pretty excited. 

Our loot from the garden store. I think we'll stop there every Memorial weekend until our yard is covered in hostas. 

Just wished we had more shade, but we'll get there.

We arrived just in time for dinner, dad was frying up some fish that he had caught. 

We haven't had a good grandpa fish fry in long while.

I gave mom her belated Mother's Day gift. We made her a book All About Gigi where the kids answered questions about her. 

All is calm. For now.

I decided to get a fishing license this year. Brooke wanted me to remember that.
Last weekend was the guys weekend at the cottage where my dad, his brothers and some friends, come up to go fishing. My uncle had accidentally thrown his fishing pole when casting. My dad was determined to go find it. I went along to help but the mosquitos were horrendous. 

We looked for awhile but the water was too murkey and it was getting dark. 

I got some fishing in while they searched. Only caught a few pictures.

He's so sweet when he's sleeping.

He's also so sweet when he's playing in the water.

After doing swim lessons this spring he's more confident in the water.

Jumping right off the dock, like a big boy.

My dad and I went hunting again to find the fishing pole. We were hoping that the water would have settled overnight and it would have been easier to see in the sunlight, but still no luck.

Then we did some rummage saleing in town. One of the churches had a big sale with clothing for only .50.

The Three Lakes Chamber of Commerce bought a bunch of my photos for the annual tourism guide. I was hoping to pick one up, but, alas, they hadn't went to print quite yet.

Then of course we went to our favorite store, The Little Dipper. 

I love that she has old copies of Sam Campbell's books. 

Those copies have great covers.

We did take home some brass shelves for our house.

We stopped by a few more garage sales before heading back to the cottage. Right wingers, always projecting.

Then it was back to lake time.

Harvey and Theo have been playing together a lot more recently.

Meadow sticks to the top of the water on her pink kayak.

Memorial weekend is also deep clean the car weekend. So, much, winter dirt.

Chelsea did the same with her SUV.
After this I got really fatigued and suddenly became really cold. I had to wear a winter coat and two pairs of socks at dinner. I had a fever and Meadow threw up. I guess we get sick whenever we come to the cottage now.

Meanwhile the kids and I played down by the lake.

We took a boat ride before heading home.

Poor boathouse.

I spy our boat.
As it's Memeorial Day, no restaurants are open except Subway. We picked up some subs and ate at Memorial Park in Ladysmith. The best playground on US 8. 

I spun these kids around and round.

Until next time, Northwoods.


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