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Holidazzle in the Year 2022

We got some snow recently and Meadow and Theo actually played outside. Meadow made Theo a throne out of snow. 

Nothing better than a snowy Minneapolis night walk.

The kids needed to see Santa. We decided to visit him at Holidazzle. We made a night of it by walking to dinner first. 

It looks like RGB has been displaced by the Ukrainian president.

We are probably the only parents that walk with their kids to Lyn-Lake at night.

I really don't understand city families who avoid the city they live in.

We went to Wrecktangle's new-ish location at Lyn-Lake.

This pizza was delicious. 

Then we hopped on the bus to Loring Park. The first thing the kids spotted at Holidazzle were the light up teeter totters. 

Seeing Santa at Holidazzle was great, we waited in line for 3 minutes. 

Meadow was so brave and told Santa what she wanted and what Theo wanted. Meadow asked for the complete Babysitters Club graphic novel series and the book Smile. For Theo he wants Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild bow and arrow.

She can talk to adults! But I guess only Santa.
Theo was loving this climbing wall until he took a tumble.

We went to Holidazzle the first year it started and were not impressed. They definitely made it much better since then. This year they added free rides. 

Theo was into the rides. 

Meadow not so much.

She wanted to go back on the seesaw.

The seesaws were taken, so we took them back to the hay bales and climbing wall.

We checked out some of the vendors. 

Now Meadow was ready for rides. 

We all played with the yeti puppet. Probably the coolest thing at Holidazzle.

They finally got another chance on the seesaw.

One more ride before heading home.

Theo was brave enough to go the down the big slide with me.


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