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Meadow Makes Muffins And We Go To The MOA

Our little baker Meadow decided to make us muffins for breakfast. 

Thanks, Meadow.

The kids had been saving their money from doing chores. Meadow wanted to go to Claire's to get some clip on earrings. She still hasn't committed to getting her ears pierced. 

Claire's always has dumb deals, like buy 3 get 3 free. Of course Theo found some things he wanted too. Like this rainbow heart bracelet that I had when I was a kid. 

Aww, didn't know you had it growing up. Claire's always overwhelms me when we go.

Kitty earrings for this kid of course. 

Meadow likes having a night light and Theo doesn't. He's been asking for a sleep mask.

We went on a few rides, checked out the Lego store and enjoyed a fun night at MOA. For some reason I didn't take any pictures. IDK.


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