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The Farbers Come to Mpls for the Renaissance Festival


Brittany and family came to visit for the first time in 5 years. 

I finished up the temporary guest room just in time. 

It'll do, pig.

The reason for their visit was to go the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. We had a lot of fun the last time they came and as it's Theo's last year being free we wanted to go again. 

We left our house around 11. Google Maps showed there was a slowdown as you get closer to the festival. What we thought was going to be a 20 minute slow down turned into 4 hours. 

It was nuts. We even though we found a faster route in, but apparently everybody had the same idea.

Had we not already bought tickets, and had them come just for this, we would have skipped it. 

Despite the very long wait we were excited to explore. 

Even the lines for the food were just as bad. 

I'm not sure if it was the dreary weather, the long wait to get in, but it wasn't quite as magical as last time.

I love people watching here. Sadly we missed most of the shows. 

We checked out a few of the shops. 

This year we dressed up. Jeff's costume was the best. 

Well, everyone except for me. I don't have any good costumes lying around. Next time, I guess I'll need to put a ren fest outfit together.

Meadow, Jeff and I all wanted pickles. They're giant and the cheapest thing around.

And we couldn't skip kettle corn.

Meadow wanted to see the mermaids. 

She's getting older and didn't seem as excited this time.
Last time they were handing out little gems. I think she was expecting to get one again. 

Jeff's costume was one of the best we saw. But don't get confused he's just a wizard, not Gandalf.

Theo looked super cool in his Link outfit. I should've been Ganon or one of the champions from Breath of the Wild.

We got at least one ride in. But Meadow was the only one that wanted to go on one. Theo panicked and changed his mind he saw the ride attendant buckles you.

Theo couldn't stop eating kettle corn.

Marina's Princess Mononoke costume was top notch and got compliments from a few grown ups.

Meadow and Theo loved the tiara store. 

I so wanted to get her one. 

We basically ate pickles and drank beer for two hours.

Meadow also really wanted a cape. 

How did I miss this?

Theo loved Jeff's bubble blowing pipe.

Staying until the festival closes means getting to watch the animals get put away for the night. 

Jeff and Brittany wanted a family pick. I snuck Marina in even though she's too cool for school.

I guess our kids aren't any better. Ha.

The next morning I made kaiserscharrn for the first time in ages. That seemed to be the theme of the weekend.

While Scott watched the Packer's game we took the kids to Hyland Park to play at the big playground. Lucky kids got to play for hours. 

Good thing I watched. The season wouldn't get much better than that sludge match.

For dinner we took them to Sushi Train. Afterwards we walked across the street to Peavy Plaza. I didn't realize there was water in the plaza. Despite cooler temps the kids had a blast running through the water. I guess throughout the summer there's performances here. We'll definitely have to come back for that or just to play in the water. 

They used to have ice skating here before the renovation. Wonder why it never came back.

The next morning I picked up donuts from Bogarts

Brittany, Marina and I went thrifting while Meadow and Theo went to their annual checkups. 

Marina became my model for trying on clothes for Meadow. 

We must've forgot to mention that they brought their bunny with. Only found one "cocoa puff"a few days later.

We took the girls to another playground at Meadow's school. 

Jeff not missing his teacher days.

We finished their visit by treating them to Miner's Enchiladas. One of our favorite meals we had in Mexico. It comes out pretty good at home, but Guanajuato good. 

Until next time, Farbers.


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