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Honeymoon But With Kids: Lakenenland and Biking to Marquette's Best Beach

I guess Munising Falls is worth the stop and we totally got distracted and missed it. But outside of Christmas is Scott Falls. We had to stop for that.

That's about right. Cute, but not anything special.

So embarrassed. That's where Meadow gets it from. 

Ha. True.
On our drive to Marquette we surprised the kids with a stop at Lakenenland Sculpture Park. 

Only Theo would pose with me at the Happy Mother's Day sculpture.

The kids loved the human sized scale.

This place is great. 

One of my favorite stops on both of these trips.

Did Scottie have a vision? Maybe he was remembering this moment 10 years earlier.

Flashback. Trippy.

Who knew the North Country Trail goes right by the park. 

The kids always love these over sized Adirondack chairs.

I had to point out the really cool, really large fire place before we headed out.

We made a pit stop in Marquette with plans to swim at Presque Isle. While on our way we were following the bike trail and I said, why don't we bike there? We are dragging these bikes around after all, might as well use them again. 

This bike ride all the way through Marquette turned out to be totally worth it. Though it was funny to pass a bunch of beaches to end up at THE beach.

It was much cooler today and windy but that didn't stop us. 

The kids were scared quickly, but, as always, I was the last one in the water.

Meadow got hit in the face with a wave and decided she was not going back in again. 

Theo must have really liked this ore dock, which is still in use unlike the one in downtown Marquette.

We stopped at the Lower Harbor Park for some playground time. Meadow made immediate friends. 

Wait, she's not shy with kids? Only adults. She's pretty smart.

None of the breweries in Marquette proper really had food other than the always packed Vierling. So we backtracked a bit to Lake Superior Smokehouse Brewpub.

Brooke and I shared a bbq platter and the kids actually ate their food.

Our campsite for the night was at Van Riper State Park. For some reason we thought we had stayed before but that was not the case. 

We'd actually stayed just down the road at Beaufort Lake State Forest Campground, which was in nearby Three Lakes, Michigan. How did we forget that!

Day 13

While the electric sites were full there was only 3 tent campers including us. We ended up right next to another camper. Luckily for her we were just in and out. 

We packed up, ate some fudge and made our way to the Keweenaw.


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