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Honeymoon But With Kids: Cottage for the Labor Day Weekend

As we did 10 years ago, we ended this trip at the cottage. We cleaned out our car and shared stories from all of our adventures with mom and dad.

The kids were excited to show them their souvenirs. 

They got some really cool stuff.

We were excited to see Daniel come along with Blake this time, even if he doesn't like getting his picture taken. 

Since playing checkers the kids are obsessed with bored games. Theo was beating everyone in Snakes and Ladders. 

Or is it board games?

Day 16

Scott and I were still in the hiking mood. We convinced Blake and Daniel to join us at Franklin Lake. 

Well that was after Blake and Brooke couldn't come up with a place to hike. We hadn't been on this trail even though we've hiked in the area before.
Well that's because the guys had a long kayak adventure the day before and didn't want to do another big adventure today. 

The trail had numbered markers but there wasn't anything explaining what they meant. 

Blake and Brooke wanted to hike 10 more miles. Daniel and I were OK with a nice short hike.

I could have done the whole Butternut Lake loop but Daniel was done adventuring. 
Later I read it's 12 miles, so I guess maybe not. 

Team Daniel for the win.

We couldn't figure out what this random stone building was for. We might have to go the ranger station to see if they have a booklet. 

Back at the car the informational display called it a mystery building. That did not solve the question.

Back at the cottage the kiddos were enjoying a lazy day by the lake.

Then we went for a pontoon ride. This is my, "I'm pretty sure you need to check your focus," out of focus face.

I really want to canoe here. 

Like, do we get towed here first?
No silly, you get in at the boating landing on Lower Ninemile Lake. 

I was happy to hand the reigns back to Mr. Mike. I didn't realize we were going all the way to the dam.

We added a bunch of stickers to our car on this trip.

Looking better than ever.
We'll see if the stickers in the forbidden spot last. 

Day 17

The lake was covered in a fog when I woke up. I guess we also missed the Northern Lights last night here, too.

Before we headed back to Minneapolis the kids played on the new cottage playground. 

G.G. spoiling her grandchildren. 

We were pleasantly surprised to come home to green grass and lush gardens. Everything was dried out when we left. 

Apparently the two weeks we were gone were the only time it rained all summer (and fall).


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