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A Day Walking Around the East Isles-Lowry Hill Neighborhood Yard Sale


Well, our garden didn't really grow like I thought it would. Everything seemed to grow really late despite planting early enough. I guess we'll try again next year. 

We hardly got any rain and I'm wondering how much the old owners had added compost. We'll definitely be adding a bunch next year.

Today was the East Isles-Lowry Hill Neighborhood Yard Sale. We had never gone before so thought it was worth checking out. I mostly wanted to look at all the homes in the neighborhood. 

I was going to say the same thing. I mostly wondered aloud why people need such large homes.

The kids were finding some good scores. Theo got a Star Wars wallet to hold all his chore money. Meadow got a Pinky Pie My Little Pony. The woman who sold us the wallet said it was good luck. It was her son's first wallet and now he has his own business.

We picked up a free ghost decoration, Meadow got a strawberry dress, roller skates for her Build a Bear. a Lion King book and we got a wooden checkers game. 

The checkers game is missing one piece but it looks like you can buy replacements online. 

We've just been using a pawn from the chess pieces that came with it.

With guests coming at the end of the month we needed to get our guest room finished. This room will actually be our bedroom someday. We chose this green paint. Due to the shape of the room the ceiling and walls need to be one color. I'm still back and forth on this color chosen. It's a little darker than what I remembered. 

We also probably should have primed where we used skim coat to patch cracking or used flat paint. This was the one room upstairs that didn't have too many hairline cracks.

Meanwhile I painted the last of the items on our lead remediation checklist. Soon we'll be getting our windows restored with the large grant from the City of Minneapolis Health Department.

We needed to get more paint for the bedroom. It became a family affair when neither of us wanted to make dinner. A trip to our favorite Mexican restaurant it is. 

We hadn't been to Orale in too long. Our kids are so peculiar as to what they'll eat. Cilantro and onions on tacos? No problem. In any other meal? No way.

We also made a trip to Hobby Lobby. I needed a couple things and had an old gift card to use. 

In the back corner of the store they were trying to get rid of masks. It's official folks, we're all over COVID. And I couldn't be happier.


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