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Honeymoon But With Kids: Oh, Canada - A Day at Pancake Bay

The last time we were in Sault Ste. Marie we didn't have our passports. This time we came prepared.
But first a stop to see the Soo Locks. 

We loved watching the boats come through last time. We just knew the kids would love it. Oh, wait.

Theo even wore his vintage shirt for the occasion. 

Theo liked watching the big boat come through the lock, but Meadow was B-O-R-E-D.

She wanted to keep reading in the car.

The kids had had enough of ship watching and were ready to move on. 

To get into Canada you have to show proof of Covid vaccination. I would suggest getting the ArriveCAN app and upload everything ahead of time. It makes getting in much quicker. 

Unless you're a little guy like Theo. Then you can enter without vaccination.

I searched and searched on Google Maps for somewhere to eat in Sault Ste Marie, Canada. Georgie's Shwarma seemed like the winner.

I think this was the best meal of our trip. 

I could totally go for this, like right now.

It was worth crossing the border for. 

10/10. I'd do it again.

Earlier this summer, Blake bought a 1970's Lake Superior history guide at the Three Lakes book sale. I borrowed it for our trip and found a lot of interesting information and points of interest in the book. Sadly the Ranwick Uranium Mine doesn't seem to be open anymore. 

You don't say...

After driving along the Canadian Lake Superior shore for a good hour or so, we arrived at Pancake Bay Provincial Park. Then I got pulled over for driving too fast in the very, very long camp road. Luckily they gave me a pass for a being an American.

Yay, we finally found thimbleberries. 

That brightened my mood.

The thing you do at Pancake Bay, besides driving exceedingly slow, is go to the beach.

The pancake-shaped bay wasn't too cold. 

Meadow and I are always the first to go in, Theo stays at the shore and Scott takes his time getting in. 

Theo's all about playing in the sand.

After being up here I wish we had done the whole Lake Superior Circle Tour. Someday..

The kids wanted s'mores so we headed back to a gift shop market area. 

Agawa Crafts and the Canadian Carver. There were signs for this place lining the highway on the way up. It's a very small version of Wall Drug. They also had a very scientific weather station

Theo chose his souvenir here. A wood keychain with his name and a little wooden box. 

The canadian carver had some skills.

The kids wanted a picture with the giant bear before we explored a less interesting gift shop.

We aren't fire people but we had to do it for one night on this trip. 

We did bring our pudgie pie maker. We really should use this thing more. 

I had this down to a science.

We skipped on buying graham crackers and chocolates and used our knockoff Fudge Stripes cookies instead. 

Before bed a little walk to the bathroom where we met this toad.

Day 9

We got up and had a quick breakfast before heading back to the UP.

Hot chocolate and oatmeal.

A real life Canada Yew. These shrubby ground-hemlocks used to be common in Wisconsin and other Upper Midwest Northwoods. Our mismanagement of deer herds stateside have made them nearly extinct back in the states.

Before heading out of the park we were able to recycle our used fuel tank. I wish the state parks in Minnesota had these. 

We stopped for the self-described "world famous apple fritters" at The Voyageurs' General Store a few kilometers down the road.

Wow, mama. These were super fresh and honest to god, world class.

Best I ever had. 

Thanks Canada for our short but sweet trip. 


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