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Bay Beach and an Actual Beach

Meadow had spent the last week in the Fox Valley with her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We then met up with them at Bay Beach.

My parents were in Duluth last weekend and picked her up on their way home. 
First ride: Theo and I on the helicopters.

Scott isn't into this place as much he used to be, but c'mon where else can you have hours of fun for only $10? 

It's still great, but some of the trees had been cut down, which made me sad. Also Theo isn't into the rides as much as Meadow was. Still great overall and looking forward to when they rebuild the actual beach.

Grandpa and our nephew, Harvey, were getting brave on the classic ferris wheel.

Theo was getting grumpy about rides having other kids on them. We had to explain that there's no way to enjoy Bay Beach without them.

With Meadow gone all week, Theo was in a much better mood. She just knows how to push all his buttons I guess. 

As I get older, I'm turning into my dad. The big ferris wheel was making me nervous.

I much prefer the bigger one over the smaller one. 

We finished our day at Bay Beach with another round on the carousel.

Harvey didn't want to go home.

My parents had watched Nolan and Harvey the last two days. After Bay Beach it was time for them to go home. Chelsea and Dan's backyard is pretty amazing. I wish our yard had more trees. 

Grandpa suggested we get fish at the Wishing Well on the edge of Appleton.

I had no idea this place had fish. I thought it was just a bar. 

The fish was good, but my picture wasn't. Meanwhile the kids stuck to chicken strips.

After wasting our Saturday morning we ventured to Point Beach State Forest in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. 

We spent much of the morning debating on going to Door County for the day or a beach on Lake Michigan. 

With our upcoming trip to the UP we decided to do a picnic at the state forest instead of eating out.

We stopped at the grocery store for some food. This is usually what the kids and I do on road trips or hikes. 

Aunt Brittany brought plenty of toys for Theo, Marina and Meadow.

There were lots of people at the beach but most people were on the shore. Brittany and I were the only ones actually swimming. Once you went in the water it wasn't that bad. There were lots of sandbars at this beach. We swam out to this one. Once you got past it though the water did turn icy. 

The water was Lake Superior cold. I don't remember Lake Michigan being this frigid.

It was also foggy. Once in a while the fog would blow in and then suddenly disappear. 

After swimming we mostly stuck to playing on the beach.

We were one of the only families there that actually swam. 

It's not a good visit to the beach without burying half your body in sand. Right, Marina?

Grandpa is a hippy at heart.

The simple joys in life. 

Everyone took a turn.

This sand bar made it look like you were walking on water. 

Point Beach State Forest has to be one of the best beaches on all of the Great Lakes.

I don't know why we don't come out this way more when we're in town. Next time we'll have to come back to hike on the Ice Age Trail. 

We headed over to Scream 'N Conuts back in Two Rivers proper.

The name might not make it obvious but they make ice cream cones out of a donut of sorts. Brooke and I shared a sundae.

This kids stuck to traditional cones. 

Whenever it's quiet and Theo is not around, I know where I can usually find him. Hiding under a blanket on a screen of sorts. 

A visit to the Fox Valley usually means a stop at the Hills house.

Every time we meet up they have some cool new (old) furniture. Their house is so cozy.

Agreed, their house is pretty near perfect. 

And as always the kids took a bit to warm up to one another while the adults caught up.

Visiting Donna and Malcolm always makes me want to live closer to these folks.

We made plans for the next time we're in town to have an adults only hang out. 

We stayed long enough that we ordered pizza. 

After Dominos and Theo's rock show, we decided it was time to head home.

We could have stayed longer but we had a long drive ahead. 


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