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Week 2 of Painting a Porch


I had  finished painting two coats on most of the porch. Unfortunately I wouldn't be helping with the floors as I had surgery.

After dropping Scott off at the hospital real early, I took the kids out for breakfast. 

We had planned to go blueberry picking but the farm was closed due to being short staffed. We stopped at a playground until we figured out our next adventure. 

Luckily we brought our swimsuits. We swam at the St Croix Boom Site until it was time to pick up our patient. 
 Back at home Theo and Meadow entertained me while I couldn't get around easily.

Actually having Scott home but imobile was harder than when he's traveling for work. I had an extra person to take care of plus doing everything else myself. 

The kids, well mostly Theo, helped me do the dishes while sitting.

Once the walls were done I prepped the floors with primer. 

The floors were in desperate need of a facelift. 

 Originally we were told we had to cover the floors but then we found out you could paint them with Alkyd Gloss, an industrial paint. The floor was already looking so much better with just the primer on. 

It was looking perfect. Good job, Brookie! 
This paint was interesting. Very little paint covered a lot of surface and the smell was horrible. Apparently it takes 7 days to cure, sorry neighbors. I'm just wondering if we are going to find out someday that this paint is just as bad for you as lead. At least we didn't have to cover the floors with plywood. 


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