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Meadow Turns 9, Jumps for Joy

After a late school year Meadow was finally done for the year. And sadly her last year at Barton. Next year she'll move to a school that's closer to us. 

We treated her to ice cream at Sonny's Cafe. 

 After taking 2 years off from birthday parties due to Covid, this year we promised Meadow a party. 

For her cake she requested a rainbow cake.

Unlike at her 4th birthday where I colored the batter naturally I went the artificial route this time. 

 I followed this recipe for Rainbow Bundt Cake. 

You add each color one layer at a time. How it makes a rainbow shape as it bakes I don't know. Too bad I won't know how it looks inside until I cut into it at her party. 

The next day, Meadow decorated the cake with rainbow sprinkles of course.

Can't wait to see what it looks like inside.
Oh, just our almost 9 year old eating the extra frosting. They learned from their papa.
Brooke's getting really good at these food trays. First the Easter bunny and now a lion. 

Meadow wanted a trampoline party this year. Actually she really wanted a party at our house, but our house is just not ready for entertaining yet. 

Meadow had a Lion Guard theme to the party.
She had been planning this for months.  

Soon our guests would arrive.

I hate the cheap toy party favors that are given out at birthdays. We chose little plants instead. 
She invited one friend from school and the rest were her friends from birth. 

I wasn't sure I'd be jumping, but I in fact did go jumping since Theo was afraid of the other kiddos.

There was a couple other birthday parties here but not many kids out jumping. 

Theo and I had a blast while Meadow ran around with her friends.
Someday we'll have to come back and go as a family. Apparently Davin and Dora do this.  

I was just as thirsty as Meadow at this point.

I wasn't sure about the trampoline park idea, but it ended up being lots of fun.

I couldn't believe the kids jumped the full 2 hours. 

Her friends and her also played some of the arcade games and gave Meadow their tickets. 

Meadow won the mystery prize, except it was missing.

So she got a slushy in its place.

Time for cake. 

Brooke outdid herself this time.
Sort of had a mushroom look, but still cool that it turned out.  

The mushroom rainbow bundt cake was a hit.

Back at home it was time for Meadow's favorite part. Opening presents. 

New books and crafts. 

And a ukulele. She's been wanting one for a long time. 

Brooke and I nearly completed the last of the woodchips. Now we can start adding new plants.
Our yard has lots of potential. Hopefully we can make it beautiful again.  


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