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Duluth Workcation: June 2022 Edition


Had another shoot up in Duluth. This time an overnight stay was included. So I brought the family along. Then we just stayed the rest of the weekend at Blake's.
As soon as we both returned home earlier in the week we had to get our attic prepped. We were getting all the knob and tube replaced so insulation could go in.  
Back in Duluth we opted for the room with the lake view.

The kids wanted to go swimming, but Brooke had other plans and I had to take some twilight photos.

The kids and I walked around Canal Park. We made sure to wave to the webcam and then they just had fun climbing on the old anchors.
Scott had to work for most of the day so you know what we did. Yes, that's right, a Hiking Club Trail. Today took us to Tettegouche State Park. 

We came here for my birthday when Meadow was little. We had never been on the lake side. 

What a view. 

We had a picnic lunch and had plans to go see some waterfalls, but the kids were over it. Instead we went and played at Black Beach. 

Sometimes all you need in life is to throw some rocks in the water. 

I guess we should have brought swimsuits.

We met back up with Scott and then with Blake. We thought about staying another night at the hotel but with the Canal Park prices it was an easy no.

We walked down the hill to downtown for some Wasabi Sushi.
You know we love our all-you-can-eat places when we are in Duluth. 
I guess Theo still had energy even after all the walking we did today. 

Then back up the hill we went.

We got back and hiked further up the hill to Blake's favorite park.

The kids will choose a playground over pretty much anything. 

Before we could head back home Theo needed to empty out the sand in his shoes.

The next morning Blake's Bed and Breakfast had strawberry pancakes for breakfast. 

After breakfast we walked to the Great Lakes Aquarium.
Blake's house is in a great location.  

Except when you have to hike back up the hill.

And we were there.
Blake had free admission with a guest and we hadn't been here in awhile so it seemed like a fun thing to do. 

I wanted to get a picture with the moose.

Then the whole family joined me.
It's not very often we get a photo of the 4 of us.  

Too bad this kid wasn't born in the 90's. He loves playing with phones. 
We should do this for the floor in the kitchen at the cottage.
Wood paneling, with wood cabinets and wood floor? Maybe.

The kids couldn't get enough of the Great Lakes water table.
It's been so long since we've been to the Children's Museum.

This was much less crowded.  

For awhile the kids had the place to their selves.

We spent more time here than looking at the fish and other sea creatures.


The new exhibit about global warmings effect on water throughout the world was informative, but sad.

The sturgeon area was new since we were here last. 

Theo loved getting to touch the fish.   

We ran back upstairs so Theo could touch a jellyfish. 

Theo wasn't quite done touching the fish.

Then we walked back up the hill for lunch at Blake's. 

Back home we played in Blake's back yard. Well, one of them.

You'd think we were done for the day, but we were promised waterfall swimming in Lester Park.
It seemed like summer just started and swim time hasn't yet.  

I can't believe Blake never took us here before. 

Everyone jumped in. I just chilled on the rocky shore.

If we come here again I'm bringing water shoes. I cut my foot on a rock while carrying Theo. 

Blake and I swam out to the waterfall while the kids played near the shore. I was expecting the water to be freezing but it wasn't bad at all. 

Eventually I went in the water with my love's help. TBH I was a bit nervous about swimming by the waterfall.

We decided to get pizza at Sammy's. You can guess that we walked there.

This place was good and the staff is awesome. 

We couldn't leave without getting a giant cookie. 

Our day wasn't over yet. We walked down the hill again to play arcade games at Incline Station. Meadow somehow won 1500 tickets. With the winning tickets Meadow got a cheer-leading set and Theo got some construction cars. 

Theo and Scott raced snowmobiles too. 

Once we saw how empty the lanes were we figured we would get a game of bowling in too.  

Yay, bowling.

This weekend was never ending, in a good way. The next morning we got breakfast at Superior Waffles. 

Decadent but delish. 

Before leaving Brooke wanted to hike Ely's Peak in summer. We'd only ever hiked up in the early Spring.
You mean middle of winter when Meadow was a baby and we made Blake carry her because we didn't trust ourselves.  

I guess you're right. Ha. I'm getting old.


Hey, I chose a trail that didn't include a waterfall or hiking club. 

That's in fact a minor miracle.

Still one of the best hike's in all of Minnesota. Winter or Summer.
If there's rocks to climb you won't hear, "I hate hiking" from these kids.

Almost to the top.

We made it! No carrying any kids this time.

It's amazing the wilderness you find within Duluth's city limits or in this case just outside of it.

Band photo.

Theo got a little kids "survival" kit at Tettegouche that included binoculars. 

He's been using it nonstop all weekend.

 Next we went back down to find the old train tunnel. 

We had to check out the "cave."
This keeps popping up on my Facebook for "only in your state" ads.  

More rock climbing for this kid. 

 Hike Yah.

On the way home Meadow made virtual versions of the four of us. Not bad.
When we returned home we got see what the electricians had done while we were away.  While they were updating the electrical in the attic we also had them add switches and wiring to the ceilings in the bedroom. 
The bedrooms only had sconce lights, no switches, so this was pretty exciting.

They may have gotten a little carried away adding the wiring under the floor boards. We were hoping to still use this floor...

They also removed all the knob and tube on the 3rd floor. Not much old wiring is left on the top two floors at this point.

I was expecting to find treasures from occupants of the past. I wasn't expecting to find a huge hole.

Who knew there was all the space above and behind our linen closet. Makes me want to add an in the wall shelf in the bathroom.

Meadow also lost one of her bottom teeth. We couldn't find her tooth pouch so she improvised.


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