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Christmas Cookie Time!

It was the week before Christmas and the kids were probably being loud.
My breakfast was interrupted for a photo shoot. 

 Before I got to house projects Meadow and I wrapped Christmas presents. 

We maybe had too much fun wrapping and decorating the Cottage Christmas gifts. 

Meanwhile, Scott finished painting the dining room.

Christmas present wrapping and cookies would take up most of the day. At this point the rental will be ready when it is. Can't skip Christmas traditions.
It seems like it's been a long time since I've spent time with the kids, we've been so busy with house stuff. Meadow kept asking if we could make Christmas cookies. If Scott can take 3 hours off every week to watch the Packer's game then I can take some time off to make cookies with them.
 The kids were so excited to cut out cookies. 

I'm sure I was busy working on another project downstairs. I was delighted to come upstairs to nearly complete cookies.  

I think you mean, Packer game. The kids even took over all the decorating.



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