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Brooke's Parents Visit Our New Duplex

The third floor in our house still had the original gas light fixtures that were still active! We had a plumber out to do some miscellaneous things and we asked him to cap off the gas line. Sadly that meant removing the fixtures. I think we'll just glue them onto to the cap, I don't want to get rid of them. 

But thankfully the kids will no longer be tempted to open the gas line.

While wiping everything down in our dining room I discovered that the room once had a wainscotting too. I'm kind of sad that was removed.

I put up the fixture that was previously in our upstairs hallway. I had to rewire it and it was now looking great, but the ceiling around it was a roughed up a bit. So it would come down once again to install a ceiling medallion.

I got a bunch of bits for my drill. Really going all in on this landlord thing.

I wanted Mike and Gail to come up so I had a helping hand patching the wall in the rental's dinning room.
We want to get our rental ready by December 1 and Scott wasn't confident that he could repair this wall well on his own.

Already looking better. 

While they were at it, they decided to fix the the ceiling in our hallway. 

Mike and I were busy all day working on the house and picking up more stuff from Menard's.

We decided to pickup Scott Ja-Mama's for lunch.

I had been meaning to get this forever. Worth the stop.

Instead of taking the whole ceiling down and recovering we decided to cover the hole and then cover the whole ceiling with bead board. 

I was not expecting this to get done for a long time, since our rental is the current priority.

After a quick lesson from Mr. Mike, I took over skim coating over the big ol' hole in the wall. This will be very helpful knowledge once I work on the attic bedrooms.

Now we just have to cover the nails and paint it. But that might be in the Spring at this rate.

Mike helped me cut the doors down to size. I pretty much did it myself on my new table saw, but Mike helped me drag them outside.

The previous owners used the house as single family home and removed the doors. Luckily they saved them.

Bruegger's Bagels brunch pack, our new go to quick breakfast.

Meadow made this awesome Lego hot air balloon.

Behind the original storms and screens we discovered this little room in the basement. It was originally made for a toilet but has since been used as storage. We decided to turn it back into a little bathroom.

 This was a more or less Mr. Mike solo project.

The old piping wasn't going to work, so another trip to the local hardware store was in line.

I had to get a new finial for the rental's chandelier. Hopefully this pineapple brings us good luck.

Once we paint it you won't even know it was there. 
When we woke up Mike had finished the job. This guy is way too nice.
We only needed him to help us with this wall but he kept adding more things to help us with.  

After working hard for a few days we decided to go out for dinner in our neighborhood. 

I'm not sure what's going on here, but we settled on Pat's Tap just around the corner.

We thought my parents would like this place because it has vintage skee ball. 

The kids loved it.

We'll have to enjoy the bar someday.
And the patio once it warms up. 

We finally got our first snowfall at the new place.

Theo's hat with the built in light is perfect for when they want to play outside in the dark. 

Scott hates that our windows are off center but I guess it works for our new hutch. 

Mike brought it up from the cottage and it really brings the room together.

Before my parents headed home the kids built their first snowman of the season. 

Thanks for all your help dad!


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