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We've Moved: Blaisdell Duplex Edition

Today was the big day. We talked about getting movers this time, but to save money we decided to do it ourselves. Just Scott and I. 
Well, Theo helped too.

I was a little worried when Scott pulled up with this truck. I didn't think there was anyway we'd get all our things to fit in there. 
Well, we mostly did. We would need to come back for our canoe and a couple bikes later in the day.
We started at about 8am.

A quick break for lunch. 

We actually did pretty good getting the majority of our things in the front of the truck. We mostly had a large items left. 

I can't believe we fit all our storage items into this little space. 

After working non stop, around 11:00 at night, Tyler showed up to give us a hand.

In the morning we would finish with the remaining. 



We used every square inch of the truck. We were only missing our canoe and our bikes. The buyers were okay with us coming back to get them once we closed on our new house. Scott rode over to the new house with Theo in the truck while I rode over with our cargo bike. 

We had a few hours before our closing so we walked back to the condo to get our car and the rest of our bikes. It's a good thing we only moved a mile away.

We got breakfast at Bogarts, which luckily is just as close as it used to be. 

Theo was alright with this breakfast idea. 

Before you knew it Tyler and I were back with the bikes.

To keep Theo quiet during the closing we brought the Switch. 

We bought a duplex! 
My dream Minneapolis abode!

Then it was time to repeat yesterday and bring all our stuff inside the new house. 

Theo has it easy.  Moving from a second floor to a second floor is no joke.

 The house would soon be full of boxes upon boxes.
Something I hadn't noticed during any of our viewings was this original intercom system. At the top of the stairs you can talk to the person at the front door. The button used to unlock the door to let someone in but with a deadbolt on the door it no longer is usable. 

I'm also loving the original penny tile in the entryway.
When I dropped Meadow off at school in the morning we were still living in the condo. When I picked her up we went home to the new place. She has been so excited to move, knowing our house was coming with a piano. 
Lydia stopped over to get our pic in front of our new place. Thanks so much, everyone at Pentz Homes. Yes, it really needs a paint job. 

Take out for dinner. 
This would be the norm for a few days.

Then we noshed on the cake from Thirsty Whale Bakery over north. We picked a chocolate cake with cherry filling. Yum.

This sign came with the house. Should we reuse it? 
I had to go back to work the next day. Thank goodness we rented the truck an extra day so we didn't have to stay up all night to finish unloading the truck. Scott and Tyler got it finished by the time I was done. 

We still had to get our things we had in storage. I still can't believe we fit all this stuff in our 2 bedroom condo.

After 3 full days we were done!
A much deserved pizza.

And we kept on ordering take out. Bruggers Bagels has this killer breakfast box. Highly recommended.

We are slowly starting to move in. 

The previous owners didn't exactly keep the house very clean. Besides the floors every surface needed to be wiped down. I spent almost an entire day just cleaning the kitchen. 

They left behind lots of random, but somewhat useful items, like this reel mower.

I guess they used this as a bike rack.

In the listing photo for the house they showed the perfect angle to avoid a part of the wall that was taped up. 

One little push and it crumbled.
One of my first tasks was demolishing the crumbling plaster.

More take out. This time from La Loma Tamales.

For a month or so the wall would be prepped for the drywall. 

Blake happened to be in town a few days after our move and got to come over for a couple hours. 

We took him out to eat at the Hola Arepa. We have so many restaurants in walking distance now.


We are loving how people decorate for Halloween over here. 

I keep on finding odd things that the inspector missed. This was a melted ground cable. Instead of running to the water main it just went a few feet to a small pipe. Add this to the list of needed repairs.

The old owners were Vikings fan. Eww.

The gardens are full of garden decorations they owners left behind.

Our house is still barley unpacked so I made a makeshift office in the attic. 

A soffit on one corner of the house is falling off. Inside was the grotesque find. That's squirrel bones if you were wondering.
While Scott finds all the things that need to get fixed, I find all the historical things. Like the original wallpaper behind the radiator.



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