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All By Myself (While The Fam Enjoys the Cottage)

I had planned on going to the cottage with the family, but I was set to travel that Monday to Florida. Plus I've been hard at working getting the rental half of our duplex ready.
Meadow was off school for MEA week and I had already taken PTO months ago. It was kind of weird to go to the cottage without Scott. We stopped halfway to take a lunch/playground break. 

We always have to say hello to the lake when we arrive. 
Meadow helped fill the bird feeders. 

My parents brought up pumpkins for the kids to carve. Both of them are still too afraid to touch the guts. 

Meadow's has to have a bow of course. 

Theo's was just himself. 

I had to get drywall for the crumbling plaster wall in the rental living room. Which meant renting a Uhaul. I thought I'd run some other errands in the meantime. My first stop took me to the basement store.

I found two basically new dryers. This saved us a bunch of money since I'd just placed an order for two laundry sets.

I did in fact eventually end up at Menard's to get the drywall and a number of other items.

I also stopped at another surplus store specializing in Home Depotish stuff. I also came home with an battery operated snowblower, weed whip and a hackzall.
I guess it was a good thing Scott stayed home.  
Meadow and I worked on making a fairy garden.

I had this fairy custom made for my mom. 

 We checked Dollar Tree for fairy garden stuff but I guess they were done for the year. Instead I found these knock off legos.
Do you want some waffle with that whipped cream?

The next day I ran errands with my buddy Tyler's car.

As you can see I picked out a couple of bath mats. 

And I was about to pick up this suitcase for my work trip until Brooke told me to check Home Goods.

I'd bought the middle suitcase, but later regret not getting the larger one on the left.
Meadow and I added more to our fairy garden. 

On our way to go hiking we saw an estate sale. I wish we had a way to get things home. I would have bought almost everything. This couch would have been perfect on our porch. Plus everything was half off today.

How cute for the kids.

I do regret not getting this for Meadow. It was only $10. 

I wanted to bring my parents to the other section of the Sam Campbell trail. I took the cheater way again that Brittany and Chelsea taught me. 

My dad watches a guy on YouTube who cleans these out. 

I love this section. It's so pretty in all the pines.


Last I picked up some groceries. This was a very exciting weekend...

When I got back I saw Tyler's kiddos for the first time in years. They were so grown up!
I couldn't believe either after Scott texted me this photo.  

My buddy Nate invited me to another Minnesota United game. Can't say no to that. 

The ambience is worth the price of admission.

The lake was so pretty in the morning. 

With Scott not here I had to help bring the dock in for the year. 

I thought they'd be gone for the year but there were so many wolf spiders. 

To get the boat lift in my dad ended up pulling it out with his bobcat. 
See you in the winter cottage!


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