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Blake Graduates, We Go to Duluth

The last time we were in Duluth, Blake mentioned he was having a graduation party the same weekend as the Park Point Rummage Sale weekend. So a trip back to Duluth it was. After 10+ days of 90+ temps we were happy to escape the hot city. 
Blake showed us the current state of his multi-lot abode first thing in the morning.

Blake's yard was full of wildflowers.

Now that Covid restrictions are lifting Blake's BnB now serves pancakes again. 
I mean, we were only up here like twice.

After breakfast we headed to the sales. 
The Park Point Rummage Sale that is.

When we arrived this was the line to get back across the Lift Bridge to Canal Park.

Meadow had the best luck. She found a journal with an M initial on it.

Then she found an Anna from Frozen barbie. The woman selling the items liked Meadow's crown and let her pick out a headband for free. 

The people watching is also pretty great.
Scott really wanted this boat.

We didn't walk away with too much. I found some earrings, Meadow got 2 barbies and a barbie dress, Theo got a whole big set of V-Tech cars and tracks. 

We hadn't been to Thirsty Pagan since they moved to the old depot in Superior. We also haven't been to many indoor restaurants. Meadow was a little uncertain about it but we ended up being in our own room.

Teaching these kids how to behave at restaurants is a whole nother thing.
They completely forgot how to wait for food. 

We were going to go to the beach but decided to go back to Blake's to help with his party. 
We were also kind of surprised that nobody had shown up yet.
His butler/roomate Brandon was also graduating from UMD. 

We thought it was a good time to give him his gifts. A family version of Cards Against Humanity and a Nintendo Switch Gift Card.

Meadow also made him something. 


Meadow even helped with the decorating.

The party got going and we were all good when folks went to get popsicles. Daniel had sworn a cooler would keep them frozen. I told him "Not so much." The verdict would says I was right this time.

It was nice seeing all of Blake's friends after a year of few Duluth visits. Also congrats,  Blake!

Since there was no graduation ceremony, Brandon and Blake took turns throwing their hats.

Time to cut the cake, wedding style. 

Since we are back to eating out again we had to go to our beloved Black Bear. 
The kids are wearing masks until we sit down. At least we're trying to do that until they get vaccinated like their parents.

After our bellies were full Blake promised Meadow unicorn ice cream if she climbed up Enger Tower. If you keep walking west of Blake's house you'll eventually hit the Superior Hiking Trail. 

And some cool modern architecture.

 Then the sidewalk turns into a hiking trail. 

One of my favorite things about Duluth are the hiking trails tucked into the city.

We hadn't been up to Enger Tower in a really long time. 
Well, except for me. I had photographed up here for Visit Duluth right before COVID hit.

Theo could get a view from the drainage holes.

It's a must visit every so many years.

There was indeed an ice cream truck that had unicorn ice cream. 

We also promised Meadow swimming afterwards. 

There's a swimming pond right below Enger Tower.

A couple of goofy kids decided to jump on my back while Brooke, Blake and the kids were already done swimming.

We had to get going so we hiked/walked back to Blake's house. 

The architecture in Duluth is so unique. 

We realized Theo had pooped when we got to another playground.

Blake took us up the secret stairs past more cool Duluth architecture.

This enclave was designed David Salmela, one of Minnesota's most famed architects.

I'm mostly a house hugger but I do like some modern abodes. 

And after that we headed back home. Until next time Duluth.


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