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Theo's Up North Snow-Filled 1st Birthday

Since we couldn't make it up in January (besides New Year's) we decided to go up to the cottage for Theo's first birthday. I didn't have any parties planned for him (sorry second child) so it was just us and my parents.

I'm pretty sure this weekend was just as memorable as a party.

When we were up for New Year's we passed by a sign advertising for an Amish Buffet. We made the effort this time to stop by and try it out.

We ate in the dining room while the women worked in the kitchen. One of the women had just had a baby just 5 days earlier and the baby slept in a crib next to us.

We came in between breakfast and lunch so had a mix of both. We ate eggs, pancakes, a breakfast casserole, chicken noodle soup, fried fish, potato pancakes, homemade ketchup, pie, brownies and homemade ice cream. It will be interesting to see how the food changes with the seasons. 

We arrived just before my parents. My dad was just here two weeks ago and already the snow was a foot deep deep.

Meadow passed time puzzling while Grandpa plowed out the driveway.

Once he plowed the driveway and we unpacked our things we headed into town for dinner.

The snowmobilers were in full force at Bonnie's Lakeside.

Nothing is more quintessentially Northwoods then fish fry and broasted chicken on a Friday night.

Of course Mr. Mike had to try his hand at the claw game and didn't come home empty handed.

The next morning my dad made us his breakfast potatoes and eggs.

The potatoes are more pancake then hash brows and I dig them.

Theo approved.

I had to get my snowshoes on to check out the lake.

I finally had the skis, plenty of snow and enough knowledge to wax them. So, I did just that. It's kind of relaxing.

We debated on having them waxed professionally. Once Scott got started it was easier than we thought.

Meanwhile Meadow and Grandpa built a snow fort with the blocks we made.

It had been a few years since we made them and never had snow that would work. 

There has been so much snow recently that all the tree branches were hanging low. 

There's is nothing more beautiful than snow draped evergreens.

My dad talked Meadow into taking a snowmobile ride and she thought it was the best thing ever.

She tried to recreate how it felt riding the snowmobile for Theo.

After our skis were ready I tried using the trails that Mr. Mike had created on the lake.

Scott said the road was easier so I had to try it out. 

It was probably closer to a groomed trail than the lake.

Gosh it's beautiful here. 


We carpooled with my parents to town. Theo was so happy looking out the big windows.

We had plans to go ice skating, but sadly the ice rink hadn't been shoveled since Christmas.

Oops. We drove around for a while looking for another rink, but couldn't find anything.

We later discovered there's a big one by the police station. Next time.

We went out for dinner at an old childhood restaurant, Alexander's Pizza. I liked their high chairs.

Don't believe the reviews. This place is perfect just the way it is.

Everthing about this place looks exactly the same as it did 25 years ago.

The games may have been updated a few dozen times.

I'm not sure it would be as fun with a full crowd.

Then it was pizza time.

It's your typical Midwestern pizza. No complaints here.

Next we headed over to Tribute Brewery for some drinks.

Brooke and I tried a flight. The stouts and porters are my favorite, but I do like their IPA.

Meadow was excited for the free popcorn.

G.G. and Mr. Mike ordered Tribute's fruity beers, which they're best known for.

This place was full of snowmobilers.

20 more years!

Don't worry. He's just drinking water.

We made a stop at Trigg's where Theo got to ride in the car cart for the first time. He was a big fan.

The next morning it was ebelskiever time. Mr. Mike and G.G. had never had them. They were a hit.

Meadow talked grandpa into taking her swinging. It doesn't matter how cold it is for our little gal.

"Snowmobile ride!"

I chased them down, but my camera got full of snow, so I didn't get any pics.

"I wasn't done yet."

You'll have to judge how much fun we had from her smile.

Meadow had watched Snow White in the morning. When she came back she decided to draw her own rendition of the Disney princess.

Theo was very interested in watching dad snowplow the deck.

Brooke made Theo's birthday cake and I made a cookie cake. Team work, done right.

Theo got outside quite a bit more than New Year's weekend. He loved his sister's fort.

And sledding with mama.

More snowmobile rides.

She wanted to stand up like a sled dog musher. She managed to go all the way around the lake standing up. I couldn't believe my tough little gal.

Scott and Meadow picked up me and Theo.

Meadow was still not done snowmobiling. It was my turn to take her for a ride.

Theo and I took a break on the lake while they blazed a trail.

It's been a long time since I've driven.

The wind was too strong on Meadow's face so my dad gave her an old helmet.

Even Theo got to go on his first sled ride.

Then it was dinner time.  We've had taco salad shell makers up here for years. I think this is only the second time we've made them. It was good.

This would be a good idea when there's a lot of people up.

Then it was time to celebrate this little dudes birthday.

At first he wasn't digging it, but then he saw his cake.

He wasn't so sure why everyone was looking at him.

He just wanted to eat his little cake.


The bigger people had giant cookie.

I thought it was perfect. More cookie than cake.

Then it was present time.

He couldn't figure out how to open it, so Meadow helped.

He got a full body rain suit.

Perfect for walking Meadow to school and riding our bikes.

I'm pretty sure my eyes are going bad. I'm starting to have trouble seeing up close. I borrowed my dad's readers so I could do more sock darning.

Getting old, love.

In the morning G.G. made us oatmeal before we went out and played.

While I was doing dishes, I could see Mr. Mike and Brooke building a sled hill out of a snow pile.

We kept sledding down the hill to make it better and better.

Meadow and I both got too warm for our coats.

They were having too much fun.

Theo stayed outside the whole time and didn't seem to mind. I think he's starting to figure out this snow thing.

I'm not sure what these two are doing. Weirdos.

Playing badminton. 

Theo even went down the sled hill.

I wish we had thought of this on Saturday. The sled hill track would have been more amazing.

It was pretty amazing the way it was. This was a great weekend.


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