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Sometimes Dog Lake Melts in April

My parents were going to the cottage to open it for the season and asked if we could come. Blake thought he might come down to see us. When he changed his mind we thought why not go back to the cottage.

We stopped in Cameron to feed baby and we checked the new-to-them  playground.

I feel like we have been eating out a lot in the last year. To save money and with it getting warmer out I suggested we pack a lunch. This also gives Meadow and Theo a chance to get out of the car for awhile. Especially with our drives taking twice as long now.

Maybe 50% longer at worst. Ha. The salad did the job even if I would have preferred cruddy U.S. Highway 8 food.

What are you going to look like when you're older Theo?

A guy who loves the cottage?

Today he looks like he belongs to the lollipop guild. 

When we arrived Mr. Mike and G.G. were still getting the place heated up. Eventually we ate leftover venison stew.

Theo has figured out that he has been missing out having meals with us. He mostly sits on my lap now.

My parents wanted me to make scotcheroos. I never had before that was always a Chelsea thing.

We proceeded to eat the scotcheroos. Way too many of them.


In the morning no one wanted to make breakfast. Mike gave in and made potato pancakes and eggs. Well, they were supposed to hash browns, but they were damn good potato pancakes.

The lake is finally starting to thaw. Last time we came it was still frozen solid.

There were these cool holes in places where you could look right through the crystal clear water.

I had no idea mussel shells were grouped together like this in large amounts. 

My dad brought the Artic Cat up hoping Meadow would ride.

She didn't and the idea of the kitty cat on the melting lake made me really nervous.

Nah my dad rode it around for awhile and survived.

Meadow was more interested in playing with the receding shoreline.

For a kid who never wants to go outside anymore she sure loves it when she's out.

She goes outside everyday...after a struggle.

Mr. Mike and Meadow fed the deer and then watched them. We really need to stop doing this. It spreads chronic wasting disease. Alas, no one listens to this guy.

As soon as the deer know we are up they hang around staring at us until we feed them.

My mom is on a roll with her cooking lately.

She made the the plainest roast pork she could. It was good, I guess.

I meant with her working less she has been cooking more. 

In the morning I heated up strawberries in a syrup...

And made waffles for everyone two ways.

Once we arrived at the cottage I figured out the real reason my mom wanted us to come. She had me clean out the bathroom cabinets for the spring cleaning. I guess the cleaning I did at their house a few weeks ago impressed them.

She had me wash the fridge shelves and drawer.

We brought up these mini nail polishes to keep at the cottage.

They came from my mom's stash of random stuff that I've been cleaning out.

Meadow did my nails and I did hers.

We needed some groceries for dinner, so I decided to bring out the old SR and bike to town.

My dad and I tried flying the kite we had bought last time. Again it was not windy enough and we weren't so sure about going that far out either.

Scott saw this photo later and said, "I can't believe you brought me nice camera out this far". Relax it's not very deep from this spot.

I had seen this snowmobile on the Three Lakes webcam before we came up. When I biked past it I had to stop. It was sitting on the lake for a 50/50 raffle. Pick the date it falls in and you win a prize.

I thought for sure it would go down by May 1, but it held on until late in the day on the 2nd. 

While walking along the shore my dad fell through the thin ice. Scott fell in the same area the day before. 

Finally there. I'm not used to riding a road bike since I got my city cruiser.

In some spots the ice had already receded.

I might take these handle bars off and scrap the ones the from Blake's old beach cruiser.

And I was nearly home.

Once back I made pizza dough. We've been eating a lot of pizza at the cottage. Mr. Mike always requests it.

My parents were able to stay until Monday. Before they left we went out for breakfast at the Three Lakes Diner.

G.G. asked me to take a picture of the temporary library. It's in the old toy train store. Bah.

Theo is so well behaved at restaurants.

Only a few more months until he starts grabbing my food.

Then it was back to the lake for some icy fun.

My boots developed a crack that was allowing water to seep in. I borrowed my dads waders in the meantime. This also gave me the chance to go out a little deeper.

Kind of crazy to think my dad rode the Kitty Cat on the lake just 2 days ago.

Playing on the thin ice became entertainment for me.

Meadow kept requesting ice islands.

The ice would break up into beautiful shards.

It also made a cool noise when you walked through them. 

We played and played and played some more.

Grandpa joined in before they left.

I was trying to break up as much ice as possible. With the lower water levels and clear water we were hoping to find some of Scott's missing lures.

After we had pizza for lupper, I went for a bike ride.

This time I biked the opposite direction.

I probably shouldn't drink beers after I get some exercise in.

The lake was really thawing quickly.

You could see steam raising from the lake.

I don't think I've ever heard the lake so quiet either. No boats or snowmobiles. 

The next day Theo and I made pancakes together.

I tried sealing the crack in my boot with a silicone sealant. It didn't work. I guess I need to find some new ones.

I'm surprised my boots are still dry after I stepped on a nail just before our move.

With the open shoreline we found lots of garbage, but no lures or hockey pucks.

There was actually less garbage than I'd imagined. Mike had mentioned that the lures get covered by sand and muck over time. You'd need a metal detector.

The ice was melting fast and we only had one more day to enjoy the fun.

There was a huge area full of mussel shells. Scott grabbed a big handful for Meadow.

I asked Meadow if she wanted to help change Theo's diaper. She was very excited to do this big sister task.

For dinner I made a sausage and potato bake with what we had.

We managed to make enough meals to last us the rest of our stay without having to go grocery shopping.

Then we had to drive back. Baby got changed at an old rest stop along the way, we ate at the casino buffet along the way and made our way home.

In seven hours...


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