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Theo Meet Cottage. Easter Bunny Meet Theo.

Theo's first trip to the cottage. We have been waiting for this since his birth (and getting past the early newborn phase) so we could go again. We are also starting to realize that having two kids means less room in the car.

We did have a few extra things to bring up to the cottage. Hopefully next time we go we want be packed in so tightly.

We stopped in Ladysmith for lunch at the Ladysmith Family Restaurant.

It's a run of the mill family diner, but Meadow loves pancakes. So, it works.

Also Theo really loves ceilings lately.

When we arrived the driveway was blocked by the snow berm that plows had created. I had to at the very least level it off so we could barrel through.

With the warm then cold days the snow was icy.

We didn't have room to bring much food so the next morning we went out for breakfast. This time we tried the Three Lakes Diner.

They even had homemade corned beef hash. Definitely coming back here again.

I got the walleye breakfast. This is the first place I've ever had fish fry for breakfast. I thought it was pretty standard, but it was a step up from Ladysmith Family Restaurant.

After picking up some groceries we headed back to the cottage. Being that it is the end of March I was worried about how frozen the lake might be. When driving to town there was open water under the bridges. 

Then we spotted some snowmobilers. I guess the lake was more frozen than I thought.

The snow was pretty soft underneath  a crunchy layer. Every few steps we would sink in.

I carried Theo around the lake in the Ergo. He was too snoozy to notice.

Typical Theo.

With the temperatures being warmer we kept falling through the snow. This is when our snowshoes would have come in handy.

Little buddy snuggled up to the giant stuffed animals.

Then he snuggled up to me.

We bought a few more Wii games off of Facebook Marketplace. I taught Meadow how to play Mario Kart. She'll have to practice; for now she oversteers around the corners.

Then I spent the remainder of the morning making waffles.

We were still hungry so we made some Trigg's Smokehouse bacon and eggs.

After breakfast it was time to get outside.

Since the lake wasn't walkable we headed for the road.

It's strange to be up here when no none else is. I didn't see a single car on my walk.

Brooke was too fast for me and the straggler. 

We explored at our own pace.

When I got back I went out a ways on the lake to check my email. It was a good thing because I had missed a request for a job. It's the risk of being disconnected from the internet for a week.

Apparently it's already asparagus season somewhere. That can only mean asparagus and egg sammies.

Meadow and I worked on our windchime craft from New Years Eve.

That was before dinner.

The next morning we made crepes before heading outside.

Back to the lake again. My mom said she would never go up north in March again. To me it's the same as going for New Years except it's not as cold.

The only thing G.G. likes to do a the cottage is sunbathe and make fires. So, this isn't exactly her thing.

At least it was sunny and 50 today.

It was a bit too bright. We could've all used some shades.

I brought out a kite thinking Meadow would want to join in, but I was the only one who wanted to fly the kite today.

My fishing license was still good until the end of the month, so I tried out the manual ice fishing auger.

For some reason it would just spin in circles. Mr. Mike told me it's been like that for a while. I was too lazy to mix up oil and gas for powered auger, so I went back inside. Until  next year, I guess.

We were having sausage and cabbage pasta. I knew she wasn't eating that, so I tried making her some cheese curd mac and cheese. She wasn't having it. I miss the Meadow who was a good eater.

The next morning Meadow and I searched for signs of spring. It's amazing how the mosses were growing right next to the icy snow.

Meadow was having a good time in the forest. 

She even climbed up an angled tree with my help.

I can just imagine how fun it must have been for Blake playing in the forests around the cottage. Back then the neighbors were much further away.

Blake lived outside.

Then we decided to venture into town for some thrifting. We found a couple outfits for Theo, a toy hair dryer for Meadow and a new kite.

Of course today wasn't very windy.

It only lasted about 30 seconds.

I love that he falls asleep so much easier than Meadow did. I can set him down and he will fall asleep on his own. Meadow always needed to be rocked or nursed.

We had to get down to Little Chute for Easter. On the way down we stopped at LaFetta in Crandon. It's an Italian joint in an old garage.

The place is a little rundown, but that's ok.

Pizza buffet? Heck to the yeah.

On our way to my parents house we made a detour to De Pere to stop at Uncle Mike's Bake Shoppe. I've heard they had the best kringle in North America.

We picked up a brandy old fashioned kringle and a turtle. We will have to come back to try more flavors.

While making breakfast the next morning I noticed my mom's diet notes had a list of foods I hated as a teenager. It reads: Rice, Yogurt, Meat, Pickles, Casserole, Egg Nog, Rice a Roni.

My dad added a note that says Things Brooke Likes? I added: Cheesecake, Lemonaid, Iced Tea, Pizza, Bean Burritos and Taco Dip. Yup that basically describes my diet in high school. No wonder I always had stomach aches.

And now we know why Meadow is so dang picky. My list would've started and ended with mushrooms.

Meadow ended up sleeping over at Marina's house. Somehow Meadow, the kid who is with her parents 24/7, isn't afraid to be away from her parents.

We had to pick her up before going over to the Hill's place.

 After picking her up we stopped over at our buddies Macolm and Donna's house. Lewis seems so giant now that I have Theo.

Welp, Theo is like a month old.

Meadow and Pippa spent the whole time playing while the parents chatted alongside the babies.

Maybe next year they will be able to play together. It's neat that we both had our children at the same time.


When we got back Chelsea stopped by with Nolan and Harvey. Chelsea really likes newborns.

She asked if she could have him until he was one. I said sure. The newborn phase is not my favorite.

Then Meadow's cousins dyed eggs at my parent's. Meadow had never done this before.

Meadow had a lot of fun coloring eggs.

But not as much fun as Harvey.

He made more than a few messes.

And turned his hands green.

Theo wished he could join too.

All of our nephews only have girl cousins. On both sides. The boys are pretty excited to have a new boy cousin.

Then we turned into TV zombies while dinner was made.

My dad loves watching random videos on YouTube.

We were treated to dinner made by mom. Lasagna and salad.

Brooke and Brittany complained about the amount of meat in the lasagna. I thought it was great, Gail.

I guess I'm used to our veggie lasagnas. 
Meadow ate many a dyed egg.

Scott found this little sewing machine at his mom's house. I brought it with for Brittany to look at to see if it would be easy for kids to use. 

It's pretty simple and Meadow is excited to learn to make things.

Then we walked over to Chelsea's for the Easter party.

I spent much of the day talking to Uncle Steve and Aunt Jill.

Dan even made some homemade venison sausage for the shindig. Do you spy some grape salad? Oh, yes, yes you do.

The kids just love looking at Theo.

Then it was easter egg hunt time. Each kid had a color to be fair. Isn't this a competition?

I guess the kids didn't mind.

Especially Meadow who had to find the purple eggs.

After finding all their eggs, the eggs exploded in the living room.

I barely held Theo today.

The only way we could get a photo of all the cousins together is if we turned the tv on.

While cleaning out my Grandma's house my mom found some recipe cards. Chelsea read each one off for each of us to pick from.

Suffice it to say, our diets aren't exactly the same as they were in our grandparent's heydays.

Back at home Meadow had an Easter basket to find. She later asked how the Easter bunny found her basket in our storage unit. I let her know we left it out for him.

This year she got a Wonder Woman doll, coconut water (she begs for one every time we go to the co-op), a lollipop and treats in the eggs.

What a lucky kid. I remember just getting a hollow bunny.

You had an Easter basket?


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