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Before and After Photos of our Home

Since our home is the best it's going to be while living here I thought I would share photos from when we first moved in and compare them to what our house looks like now.

The photos from 2010 are from when we first moved in so a lot of the rooms hadn't been put together yet. 

Our closet 2010




Not much has changed to this room except it became Scott's office instead of our giant walk-in closet. I always thought we would do something with the walls, but I guess that never happened.

Upstairs bathroom 2010


So long fish wallpaper and asbestos tile. Adding the white porcelain tile really brightened up the room.

Stairway 2010


This didn't change at all in the last 5 years. It's the only bright colored space in our house.

Dining room 2010


Living room 2010


Not the best photo from when we first moved in, but you get the idea.

Guest room 2010


Kitchen 2011






Breakfast nook 2010



We removed any remnants of the 1970's from this kitchen.

Scott's office 2010

Now Meadow's bedroom

Our bedroom 2010


If we were staying the walls would be repainted.

Bathroom 2010

Main floor bathroom 2010



So long 1960's bathroom

Sun porch 2010


We really brightened up this space.

Backyard 2010


New fences, tree and paint job.


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