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A Wisconsin Driftless Hipcamp Cabin Weekend

When we went on our last Hipcamp road trip to the Appalachians we were supposed to finish our trip near New Glarus, Wisconsin. That scouting gig got postponed and here we are traveling on down to camp there.

We left early on Friday and were still hungry. Scott spotted a Hardees and had to stop for cinnamon biscuits.

Wisconsin. Home of sausage and cheese. Where's the beer?

Our first stop on the trip was to Still Point Farm. Phil showed us around when we arrived and then his wife Penny showed us the rest of the flower farm.

The harvest house porch was super cool.

Then we explored Phil's pine forest. 

He created a trail through their property.

Meadow insisted on being carried.

The Pines were pretty.

Meadow likes any place with rocks. 

I like going anywhere with these two.

Penny told us to check out the giant oak tree with the horse swing.

Named Victoria with her trusty stead Albert.

Meadow was in love with this swing.

It was pretty neat.

Mr. Mike, take note.

They also had a bunch of chickens. I wish we could have chickens, but we travel too much.

I had to promise her that we'd go swing again. 

Penny and Phil just bought the property back in the fall. They're just getting to know the land and the flowers they'll bring to market. 

I'm glad we waited to do this one.

Meadow needed some books for pretend camping. 

Sometimes we have to pretend camp when a landshare has two types of accommodations.

My allergies were in full force this weekend. The worst they have been in years. I was pretty wiped out and would end up taking a nap in here.

It did feel much cooler in the woods on this hot summer day.

Meadow and I explored the land while Brooke napped in the tent and checked out our host's tab RV.

We also looked at everything they were growing on their land.

Despite setting up camp, we'd actually be staying in the basement cabin suite tonight.

Swings, round 2.

Or 3?

Who knows.

For dinner I whipped up some green beans, cauliflower and feta pasta.

In the woods.

If it wasn't for my allergies I would have preferred sleeping in the tent.

Meadow even ate her dinner.

Before the sun went down, we went to the swing one last time. 

Then she brought out her bike. She's still not fully confident riding a pedal bike yet.

I asked Phil and Penny if there were any good ice cream shops nearby. It turns out they had their own shop in the freezer.

They weren't kidding when they said they loved ice cream.

I loved their porches.

At sunset we went out to the fire pit. Phil had promised a bon fire. 

They had made an old greenhouse that was turned into an outdoor dining room. Such a cool idea.

The bonfire did not disappoint. 

This was our room for the night. 

A windowless room, perfect for us vampires.

In the morning we had breakfast at the big table.

Oatmeal and tea.

I told you that the table was huge.

I remembered that I had one Hardee's biscuit left. 

Right as we were leaving Penny and Phil returned from their tandem bike ride. They had to harvest peonies before they bloomed.

Meadow wanted to pick flowers all weekend. She behaved herself the whole weekend and was rewarded just as we left. 

Happy girl.

We were giving ourselves plenty of time to stop at the nearby New Glarus Brewery. But first we had to stop at the garage sale just across from Still Point.

We got a Mickey mouse sweatshirt for meadow, a step stool, hello kitty coloring book, umbrella and a new Richard Scarry book.

After a short drive from Still Point we arrived at New Glarus Brewery. 

We tried to stop a few years ago, but they were closed.

We started with a flight. 

We saw the prices and thought what a rip ,we can buy a six pack for that price. Then we found out you get to keep the glass. 

It was hot and there was no shade.

Meadow didn't mind, she loved all the castles.

They had a yummy brick oven pizza truck there that day.

One more beer just for the glass. 

The design is super cheesy, but the beer is dang good. 

After the brewery we had to stop at this roadside market for dinner ingredients.

The back also had a free mini zoo, but we couldn't stay long since I couldn't breathe.

Then we drove deep into the heart of the Driftless Area.

Then we arrived at the Stone Light Retreat. I just love A frame homes.

Our host Steve took us on a tour of the beautiful grounds he has created over the years. We first stopped at the fairy gardens.

The Crystal Cabin would have been perfect for us, but he upgraded us to the bigger Emerald Cabin.

I would like to come back in the winter.

These cabins were so charming.

It was a hot day, but it felt cooler in the trees and up on the hills.

We spent sometime hanging in and around the cabin.

I'm currently knitting a piƱata for Meadow's upcoming birthday party. I'm afraid I won't finish it on time so I work on it whenever I can.

Meadow loved that we had to use a ladder to get to our bed.

The cabin had no power, which meant we'd rely on these lanterns and candles.

I thought it strange to see double toilets in the super clean outhouse. Except I think it's awesome. I wish more restrooms were like this. I always have to pee whenever I take Meadow to the bathroom and she takes forever.

Notice she doesn't want to pee next to me. Ha.


The retreat has a mystical quality to it that Steve has harvested over the years.

We thought we would walk around and check out all the points of interest on the trail. Meadow really wanted to try the wishing well. 

You had to put seven small pebbles in your right hand, say quietly what you wish for and drop the stones in the little well. I explained to Meadow that a wish is something you want. She then wished for a paper cup.

Small goals, I guess.

We had to take photos at the tent campsite. While setting up our tent I noticed one of our poles was broken. Luckily Steve had one we could borrow.

I guess not too long ago the Ruby Cabin was here.

Next to the campsite was Merlins Rock.

All the cabins had stuffed animals that Meadow.

Soon she had moved them into our cabin.

Next we checked out the overlook. 

There was even a rope to help you get to the best view.

Meadow has suddenly become "too tired" for hiking.

Steve wants people of all faiths and mystical traditions to feel welcome at the retreat.

The swing was Meadow and I's favorite.

The henge was pretty rad.

Another of Meadow's favorite was the Zen garden. It was here that Meadow creeped us out.

Meadow: Mama can you hear the guy that showed us around talking?
Me: No. (She does have super sonic hearing so maybe)
Meadow: He's in your head, well he's in mine.
Me: What do you mean? What do you hear?
Meadow: He's talking to his cats.
Me: What is he saying? (Maybe she just hears him calling for them to come in)
Meadow: He's talking to them telling them he loves them.

That all seems very logical, but perhaps Stone Light is magical.

My allergies were flaring up so we headed back to our cabin for dinner.

The best camp meals are super simple pastas with a few local ingredients.

It was getting dark when our dinner was ready. We ate by kerosene and candle light.

The candle lit cabin felt extra cozy.

Brooke and Meadow got the loft. I slept down below on one of the futons.

Pancakes for breakfast.

We took one last loop around the property before leaving.

Stone Light even has a heart shaped crop circle.

One more wish for Meadow. This time she wished for a walking stick.

We took the scenic way back crossing through the small Driftless towns.

Stone Light was just outside of the hippy town, Viroqua.

By the time we got to Lacrosse we were ready for some Mexican food

I recently saw on Instagram a toy store, Lark Toys, on the Minnesota-Wisconsin border, which had a hand carved carousel. Of course we had to stop for Meadow.

Lark Toys also featured a toy museum.

And lots of toys for Meadow.

When we arrived we missed the first carousel ride, so we perused the toys and books.

Then we got to ride. Kids are free with a paid adult. 

We were thinking about getting one of the handcrafted toys, but though she was a bit old for them.

They had a super cool pull toy of a guy paddling a canoe.

This was a pretty cool place.

Since we were on the border, we crossed back into Wisconsin to go to Nelson's Creamery for ice cream.

This was the place where Meadow had her first ice cream cone. It was good to be back.

That was a fun little weekend trip.


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