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Three Lakes Labor Day With the Whole Gang

I had to work on Friday, but was able to leave a little early. We were going to have Scott pick me up from work when we decided last minute to bring our canoe. I rushed home, we packed the car, loaded the canoe and headed out with the rest of the world.

We weren't going to get to the cottage at dinner after all. Instead we stopped at Ladysmith's best restaurant (that I've been to), La Casa Mexicana.

We tried ordering Meadow a chimichanga. She wasn't into it, but did want to eat my alambres instead. 

Meadow and I ran down the street and back before getting back in the car, we still had 2 hours to go.

It was a full house this weekend. Blake brought his buddies Daniel and Jasper up too.

Chelsea made cinnamon roll stuffed french toast bake for breakfast. As Scott would say, "Her meals are so Pinterest."

There's nothing wrong with that, but it's so true. Brooke also loves Pinterest, but their tastes do not overlap. Ha.

Hey Harvey.

For someone who doesn't like to swim Meadow couldn't wait to be by the lake.

She loves dipping her little toes, but just doesn't like to dive in above the waist.

Mr. Mike had the frame for the chimney all ready.

My dad had gone up the previous weekend to get a jump start on the fireplace.

It worked out that Blake's buddies were up to help raise the chimney.

I nearly had the full weight of the frame. Good thing they didn't drop it on me.

Looks pretty good.

We mainly brought our canoe because we heard Blake was bringing his. We finally decided to go to a different lake.

What she means is we left our little part of the Eagle River-Three Lakes Chain of Lakes. 

We started at the Lake Julia boat launch to make our way to Virgin Lake via a connecting creek.

That would be Julia Creek.

We were actually ahead of the guys.

We were wondering what was going on.

Before you knew it they were up ahead of us. We had gotten stuck on a pile of muck.

Turning a canoe in tight turns is a lot more difficult than a kayak.

Especially when it's 17 feet 6 inches.

The three stooges were getting a handle on this paddling thing.

Three against two, no fair.

I was just trying to figure out how to make these hairpin turns. It's a learning experience.

The boys took a sudden stop to explore old logging roads.

And forage for cheesy crackers.

We were surprised to find the reclusive Savoritz.

Eventually we made it to the island on Virgin Lake for illegal picnicking.

Don't you worry, we left no trace.

Making sure we don't get lost.

I'm pretty sure we just had to go back where we came from.

I love paddling, but the return trip is never as entertaining as the way in.

I caught my first tiny perch when we got back. This would become a trend.

I took a break from fishing fails to play giant ball with Blake, Meadow and the boys.

Just before dinner the bluegills started to bite.

Chelsea made Taco Braid for dinner.

It hit the spot.

The lighting was nice on Harvey. Hey check out that chimney up above.

I let Nolan use our Dock Demon.

He went on to catch three monsters bluegills with his papa's help.

Daniel brought up his projector. We hung up a sheet in the screen porch and watched Fern Gully.

We need one of these all the time.

After the kiddos were in bed the grown up kiddos decided to hit the town.

Our first stop was the new Tavern on the Loop.

This used to be Sankey's until they closed last year.

Jaspur was ready for a night of DDing.

I had an ongoing five-day headache, so I had to pass along my shot.

I passed it over to Blake. I'd rather drink on tap Spotted Cow than menthol schnapps. 

After this it was time to blow this popsicle stand.

"What's that bright light?"

That's your life.

We then moved on to Jake's. The place was happenin.

This place had all you could drink kiddie cocktails for the DD.

Daniel happened to randomly run into an old friend from North Dakota.

We drank a few pitchers of Leine's Octoberfest and picked a few tunes for the jukebox.

Smile for the camera.

More pictures?

It's what I'm here for, right?

It was our day for food, I bet you can guess what I made for breakfast.

I was ready for a day on the dock.

Meadow was also excited to get back to the lake.

I thought I'd join Meadow in her favorite pasttime.

It was windy all weekend, perfect for kite flying.

Lover of kites.

I was happy to be reading by the lake.

Gail had been hanging onto one of the kites when she decided to go in. I had to reel it back in. Of course I got it stuck. I figured we might be able to get it down by taping  a few poles together. Unfortunately the giant tail was wrapped around the tree.

We couldn't convince Blake to climb the tree and get it.

We decided on pizza for dinner.

Well, we had decided that days back. We just made it this day.

This was my view for most of the day.

I switched between my spinner rig and the dock demon. 

I had more success catching more tiny bluegills. I did nearly bring a hefty northern pike, but he got free just as I was about to get him on land.

Blake and Jasper did some mushroom foraging.

There are so many this time of year.

The variety of shrooms was quite impressive.

You know summer is coming to a close when sunset means dinner.

It's time, it's pizza time.

I may have lost the big boy earlier, but I did have a fun fight with an 8 or so inch largemouth bass on the dock demon. It would've been a cake walk on my normal pole, but was loads of fun on the tiny dock fishing pole.

Everyone loves pizza.

After the kiddos went to bed we watched a documentary on Antarctica.

"Encounters at the End of the Earth" by Herzog. Only art docs and classic cartoons for us.

Meadow was ready for one last day at the cottage.

We had plans to go to Paul Bunyun's for breakfast, then everyone changed their mind last minute.

No one was making anything so GG stepped up to the plate and made it. This has never happened. It was a minor Christmas miracle.

She even mentioned that it had been a really long time since she made pancakes.

Maybe next time we come we can have a fire.

I think we'll have to help him finish cladding it. Dan and Mr. Mike did some great work over the weekend.

Hopefully the fire does not turn out like this.

The boys decided it would be fun to burn the scrap wood.

While Scott fished my dad and I played a game of golf.

I tried kayaking to some of the fishing hotspots on our half of the lake. I didn't catch anything, but I did have a good time exploring the shores.

Maybe we should live on a lake.

It would be the life, but I can only live on a rural lake. It wouldn't be the same in the cities.

Meadow and I had one last splash off before getting ready to leave.

But first she insisted on playing in the tree house before we left.

Harvey was also bummed to be heading back to reality.

Goodbye fire pit, goodbye Three Lakes.

On the drive back Meadow woke up from her nap pretty upset. We usually switch drivers at the park in Ladysmith and when she saw we were at the playground she cheered right up. Of course we had to stop to play.

We also have a good time acting like kids again.

As a kid whenever we drove back from the cottage we almost always stopped for ice cream. We stopped on the way home. Maybe we will have to carry on this tradition.


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