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Our Nephews First Birthday and a Redgranite Visit

We came back to Wisconsin once again. This time to my parents house.

Nolan's b-day party was this weekend.

My parents were leaving for the weekend to go to the cottage. Meadow got some Grandma time in in the morning.

We had plans to meet up with Malcom and Donna at their house. We brought our bikes on this trip and today seemed like a good day to use them. Everything is so flat here, biking is so easy.
We brought our bikes to their backyard which was a good excuse to check out their garden. Next year I want to build a trellis like they did for our viney plants.

I'd like a few more decorative plants like they have.

Meadow and Penelope didn't seem too interested.

Meadow was excited to have new toys to play with.

They had a spare stroller so we headed out in search of lunch.

I always wonder if Meadow is weirded out by strollers. She only rides in one once every few months.

She didn't like it at first. It reminds her too much of being in her carseat I guess.

 We settled on gyros. We didn't hang around too long as it was way too hot outside.

Meadow found one of Penelope's old pacifiers and thought it was the best thing in the world.

These two are only a month and a half apart. It's amazing how different two babies can look in size.

Donna had to go to work and the humidity had dipped  a bit. We ventured back to Little Chute.

I made some thai basil eggplant stir fry and drank a Spotted Cow that I spotted in the back of the fridge.

Meadow wasn't a fan of the stir fry so we pureed it. Then she was all for it.


The reason we came home this time was for our nephew Nolan's first birthday. Upon entering Chelsea had us write words of advice for Mr. Nolan when he turns 18. I wrote something along the lines of don't rush into college.

Not bad advice.

We hadn't seen Marina since May, I couldn't believe how much of a kid she looks like now.

The cousins decided each others sippy cups were better.

Who would think that Meadow is nearly two months older than Nolan.

We played a trivia game on how well we knew Nolan. I only got four questions right.

You may have noticed that Momma Gail and Mr. Mike are the only family missing. Even Grandma Lungwitz and Hayden showed up.

The birthday boy decided he didn't need pants.

We got Nolan an airplane toy and animal blocks.

I think he liked it.

Nolan got a pool from his grandma. I saw Dan take it outside and fill it up with water in the boat. I didn't get his intentions until I heard someone say he had to do the ice bucket challenge.

We've been making fun of this for weeks, but I guess we'd run into the real thing at some point. I'm guessing the challenge wasn't that fun.

Nolan also got balls to make a ball pit. The babies were afraid of them. Only Marina thought it was fun.

Then it was cake time.

Nolan looked scared of his candle.

He just ate the frosting.

After cake and lunch, Brooke went back for more corn. I'm guessing no one is surprised.

Another toy he got was a water table.

Marina loved it and played for at least an hour. She didn't even mind when Brayden poured water on her.

"Where's my food?"

When we got back we had leftovers since we were so full from snacking all day.

After dinner we went for a walk around my hometown.

I even thought this was a good idea.

The house that was once here was moved across the street. I like that the walkway is still visible.

I'm not sure what the point of moving the house was.

The next day we had plans to go to the zoo with my sisters. We met up at Brittany's new home in Oshkosh. Meadow was enthralled by the TV.

Near her house is Menominee Park. I didn't know there was a zoo there too.

It's a rather puny zoo and half the animals were missing.

Meadow enjoyed watching the animals.

The ones that were actually there that is.

There's also a really cool wooden playground at this park with an Oshkosh theme. Meadow loved getting to climb up all the stairs.

She could've climbed all day, but her cousins were ready to go.

Near the end of her fun we noticed that she was touching throw up. We didn't think it was hers and washed her hands.

A little later when I was bouncing her on my knee she threw up all over my shorts. That was kind of gross.

Despite the vomit incident we still wanted to check out the Oshkosh version of Leon's again.

 Their menu here isn't quite the same as the Milwaukee institution.

We still all enjoyed the frozen custard.

Meadow fell asleep on the way home with the wind in her hair.

Meadow and I played in the backyard while Scott made dinner.

Apparently I can't do a cartwheel correctly.

I'm not sure you ever could. I think I was just being polite. Good try though.

I made grilled veggie lasagna with vegetables mostly from our garden.

Then my parents arrived after their weekend away.

Whatever vegetables Meadow doesn't eat from her meal I puree them, then she eats it.

The next day we had to get going as we had a car appointment at my cousin's, formerly my grandpa's, shop.

While our car was getting worked on my Grandma took us out for lunch.

We went to the Curve-in Cafe. I'd always wanted to stop here.

We had never gone out to eat in Redgranite. This little diner had good food and was super cheap. I got a pulled pork sandwich and potato skins with homemade ranch.

I settled on the porcupine meatballs with smashed potatoes. I like how they used the outside of the taters for skins and the inside as mashed potatoes. Clever.

Since Peanut came along for the weekend he had to hang in Grandma's porch.

Meadow explored her Great Grandma's house.

Every once in awhile I made sure Peanut hadn't escaped.

Generations of Lungwitzs.

I found some old toys in the basement. This Humpty Dumpty toy was pretty fun.

My Grandma showed me all her heirlooms.

Grandma Lungwitz really loves little Meadow.

After the oil and transmission fluid changes I checked out the inside of the garage. In all of the trips to Redgranite I hadn't stepped inside the shop.

We were about to leave when we remembered Meadow's car seat was in my grandmas car. That's when I spotted snowshoes. I asked if I could have them as they looked like they had been sitting there for awhile. My Grandma said no at first saying she still used them. Then decided I could have them and that it's better they stay in the family.

I can't wait to try them out this winter. 


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