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A Random Trip To The Zenith City and One Last Tour of Glensheen with Blake

The previous night Scott and I went out without Meadow for the second time since she was born. While out for drinks my brother texted me something about my mom complaining about his compost. I asked how she knew and he said they were in Duluth until Tuesday. I told Scott we should go up for the day on Sunday. He said we should stay the night.

We need to go to Duluth more often. It's always fun visiting Blake.

The next morning we got up "early", quickly packed and ate breakfast. 

On the way we decided our car really needed a bath. Meadow loved watching the sprayers and scrubbers at the car wash.

It was pretty mild even in Duluth, here it was in the 40's. When we arrived my parents weren't even there. They had gone up to Two Harbors without us. We thought we would stop for lunch at Burrito Union while they made their way back.

 Brooke got tacos and I got a burrito. This is pretty usual for us. I also got a beer since Burrito Union is owned by the folks behind Fitger's Brewhouse.

Blake called as we were finishing up and told us to meet them at, you guessed it, Glensheen. He then told us he was let go a few days earlier when his school finally caught on that he wasn't attending anymore. My parents wanted one last tour. 

My dad came over when we arrived and asked if we had any munchies. We happened to have some gluten-free brownies that we made for our babysitters the night prior.

Otherwise we wouldn't make gluten-free brownies.

Unlike the last time we were here, we could now take photos inside. After being here many times and reading about this place Blake and I gave my parents a tour. They didn't seem to remember anything from the first time they visited. 

I think I enjoyed this tour more since I could take pictures.

This place is kind of special.

Every time we were ready to move on Gail was still straggling behind.

Each bedroom has their own programable thermostat. The markings suggest temperature settings i.e. freezing or blood heat. 

I want tiles like this in our main bathroom.

Blake made a comment saying he hates when people have picture rails and don't use them. Oops.

This is the youngest daughters room. Because her room was the smallest she got  the most expensive furniture.

Blake was pointing out to us that each tile on this fireplace is worth more than my life. 

This is my favorite room in the place. Arts and Crafts 4 life.

Lucky guy got his own darkroom.

I think Meadow liked being passed around between Blake and Mr. Mike.

Since I was here last they had opened up another room that they are currently restoring.

I want thermostats like this.

I think they should redo the kitchen to look like the original.

A cookie cutter that makes 12 cookies at once?! Genius.

Mom you're needed in the library.

One of my favorite rooms. The breakfast room.

They were so high tech they had buttons under the table to call the butler.

Blake's last tour at Glensheen. I'm not sure what we're going to do every time we go to Duluth from here on out.

Meadow wanted a picture with her mother.

Then we walked over to the boathouse. I told Dad he should have brought his snowmobiles to ride along the shore.

And our last stop. The carriage house.

Horses once lived here.

Then we went to my parents hotel room. They were staying in Canal Park.


They always have to bring cheese with them.

I can't complain about that.

My parents watched Meadow while Scott and I ran to get some swimsuits.

Not a bad view outside their room, but not as good as room 221.

For dinner we suggested Thirsty Pagan, even though we just ate there a few weeks ago.

We got pitchers of beer and decided Grandma Gail couldn't have any.

Meadow sat on my lap for some reason. I hear that she looks like me.

We had good conversation over our beers.

They kept checking some Duluth web cam.

They accidentally burned our pizzas so while they were making new ones we got free cheesy bread.

I think Meadow wanted some pizza.

Back at the hotel we went swimming. Scott dipped Meadow in right away. She did not like that. I took her out and brought her in more slowly to get her used to the water first.

She hasn't enjoyed swimming as much as she did the first time she went. She seems to have forgotten how to kick.

She's much happier to play in grandpa's UMD sweatshirt.

After swimming we went to Blake's and slept there.

Blake didn't have any food for breakfast so we quickly ran over to my parents hotel and ate there.

Meadow stared out the window the whole time.

I never thought I'd steal a continental breakfast. I guess the in-laws were staying here.

"Why does everyone always take photos of me?"

We were kicked out of their room while housekeeping cleaned. We waited down in the sitting area discussing what to do for the day. Unlike yesterday today was cloudy, windy and rainy.

Meadow decided that we should go to the train museum or maybe it was Gail.

 It wasn't far from the hotel and we told my parents they were going to have to pay to park so we were better off walking. My mom wasn't up for it and my dad was stuck driving her while we braved the wind and walked there.

Duluth is quite urban for being a mid-sized Northwoods freezer.

The old Union Depot, aka St. Louis County Heritage and Arts Center, includes the train museum and 5 other exhibits.

We looked at tree things first.

This guy made his entire house and furniture from logs.

Meadow loved this part because her voice would echo when she yelled.

The train museum turned out to be pretty dang cool.

Meadow relived her moose on the loose days.

We checked out the outside section for a good 3 minutes.

They actually rigged the train so its parts moved in place.

Some of the trains you could go into and explore.

Most of them, actually.

After braving more crazy wind we headed back to the hotel again. It was too late for lunch and too early for dinner. My parents suggested getting appetizers somewhere.

 I noticed it was happy hour and suggested the place next door, Canal Park Brewing.

I couldn't say no to a beer.

We each got a beer and ordered an appetizer that we shared family style. It was way cheaper than all of us ordering a meal. I accidentally ordered a quesadilla Napoleon Dynamite style. I sometimes say quesa-dill-a as a joke and totally didn't realize it.

Afterwards we braved the crazy winds again and walked down to the Duluth Pack store.

I didn't bring my camera for any of this. Why are so many American-made products out of reach for average folks?

Back at the hotel again we decided we would stay another night after hearing about a crazy snowstorm coming. We bummed around at my parents hotel. Actually Meadow took a nap while everyone else went down for drinks.

Then at Blake's he sang us some lullaby's before bed.

I tried out my new sleeping bag's air vents.

Until next time Duluth. 


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